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WildStar’s launch: The blues

s1To mark WildStar’s launch this past Saturday morning, I’m going to pump out two articles today — one talking about the bad stuff (this one) and one sharing my excitement.

So let’s get the grumbles out of the way first, shall we?

Blues #1: A rocky start

Despite telling myself that I would be a normal person and sleep in, I was nevertheless sitting before my computer at 2:50 am with groggy eyes and a “what am I *doing*?” song in my heart.  I guess I just wanted to see the first few minutes and share in the excitement, as well as grab a few more names.

As you may have heard/experienced, it was anything but a smooth beginning.  Due to a purported DDoS attack and a kajillion people trying to cram through the login servers at the same time, we simply could not log into the game.  We got to know the little running hamster, the theme music, and our account passwords very well, however.  It was 4:15 before I could log in, and by then going back to sleep wasn’t much of an option.

While I had no problem logging in and playing for the rest of Saturday, apparently there were problems all over the place for others.  Long queues, names not being recognized, an error that had NCsoft recommending that people play the game hardwired into the router, etc.  I couldn’t access any of the pre-order bonuses due to an acknowledged glitch, but that wasn’t a huge deal.

Blues #2: Planning anxiety

This wasn’t the fault of the game so much as me, but until almost the last minute I had no idea what I was going to do for servers and guilds.  The multi-guild alliance announced that it was going on a separate server for Exiles than the RP-PvE one that the Dominions were doing (and I had wanted to do), so I stuck with the server and hoped that I would spot friends.  I did find a couple, but I still don’t know whether or not I’m going to have to go guild shopping in the near future.

Also, because dithering is in my nature, I keep ping-ponging in my head between playing a Medic and an Engineer.  I rolled a Medic, played her for three levels, deleted her, rolled an Engineer, played her for 10 levels, and then rerolled a Medic.  I think I need some sort of very specific therapy group for what ails me.

Blues #3: That announcer voice

If I could make one request that Carbine would follow, it’s this: Please, PLEASE give us the option to disable the announcer’s voice in that game.  There’s so much I like about WildStar’s world and humor, but that does not extend to the guy who’s screaming at me while leveling up or finding a new town.  It’s like having a guy over your shoulder who can only communicate through monster truck rally announcer yells.  It might have been amusing for a little bit, but that’s long over now.  Now it just irks me.

And I know this makes me sound a bit like a prude, but I don’t really appreciate the game yelling swears at me during the level up dings, bleeped or not.  Sometimes my kids are in the room because WildStar looks colorful and pretty, but right now they don’t need to be hearing that.  I don’t need to be hearing that.

I think what really bugs me is that this guy’s voice is breaking the fourth wall in an obnoxious way and is not really adding much to the game’s atmosphere in doing so.  The world of WildStar is great, but this guy (and the guy yelling at me to do challenges) is removed from that.  So a little option to disable just his voice and not all voices would be awesome.

Blues #4: Challenges

I think I’m not going to be doing challenges in this game, at least for a while.  Not only are many of them almost impossible to do when you have too many people in a zone competing for the same mob/clicky resources, but the time limit suddenly transforms a leisurely quest objective into a high-pressure frantic hunt.  Maybe an option to just toggle off challenges altogether?  I might not mind.

Those are the four negative aspects right off the bat that come to mind, so stay tuned for what I’ve been digging!

6 thoughts on “WildStar’s launch: The blues

  1. That announcer is two parts drill sergeant and one part cowboy.

    And I can’t keep the image of Lee Marvin saying that stuff out of my head.

  2. Three cheers for finding someone else who doesn’t like the announcer voice. That guy is about 50% of why I don’t like WIldstar much. And even setting aside the drill sergeant swearing, just the constant “DOUBLE KILL, TRIPLE KILL! SUPER KILL!” when I’m fighting gets really old.

    You probably know this but I didn’t realize it until this weekend. You can just ignore the challenges and then later restart them from your quest log. That’s what I’ve been doing since often you seem to get a challenge pop-up in a place where a mob is pretty rare, then ten minutes later you’ll find a swarm of the same mob and can start the challenge and complete it easily. (Mob is probably rare in the 1st place due to all the players doing that challenge.)

  3. Totally agree on wishing there was an off switch for the Challenges. I’ve gotten to where I just close them as soon as they pop up. At least if you close it manually it doesn’t yell at you for being a failure.

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