I am WildStar’s poky little puppy

puppyAs a gamer, you know what stinks?  When you’ve got a hot new game to play — and you lack the time or alertness to play it.  I feel like the headstart to WildStar just flew by me, thanks to a couple of intense work days that left me far too exhausted to play more than 45 minutes each night.  So while it seems like everyone I know is happily decorating their new in-game homes, I’ve yet to hit double digit levels on any of my characters.

The upside of this regret is that I genuinely do want to be playing WildStar a lot more than I’ve been able to.  There’s no buyer’s regret here, that’s for sure.  I still can’t get over how pretty much every screenshot I take deserves to be a desktop background, nor how enjoyable some of these quests and activities have been.

The Medic is definitely growing on me — all ray guns and pewpewpew — and she’s had a rollicking good time even while going through the groves of the bunny girls who are definitely not this game’s substitute for elves.  Last night she was fighting her way to the bottom of a burning tree-cave, using her scientist ability to activate a portal to see the ghosts of all of the dead bunny kids that came before.  Because SCIENCE is both awesome and incredibly morbid!  Then we got to take a helicopter ride around a burning grove to douse the flames with water.  That was pretty nifty.

Speaking of the Scientist path, it really is growing on me.  In a game devoid of vanity pets, at least the little scanbot is a good substitute (moreso that you can customize its looks).  Plus, in one area I was able to use my scanbot to trigger explosive canisters to hurt mobs for bonus damage.  I hope to see more stuff like that.

I’m pretty happy with the Mordesh race, too, especially the more I’m getting to know them through the lore and whatnot.  Tall gangly space zombies who are nevertheless “good” make for an interesting combination.  I always regretted that I never had a Forsaken as a main in World of Warcraft, so this is almost like a second chance.

I also got to interview Jeremy Gaffney on the Massively Speaking podcast for later today.  Getting to ask devs point-blank all of the questions and concerns that pop into your mind is one of the perks of this job, and you can believe I worked in a query about switching off that announcer voice (he said it was doable, so we’ll see).

I’m really, really looking forward to getting my housing plot at 14 and setting up a home in the game.  Already I’m getting decor drops and garden seeds and whatnot, filling up my bags for the time being.  Maybe I’ll be awake enough tonight for a really strong session.  I hope!


One thought on “I am WildStar’s poky little puppy

  1. Rowan June 3, 2014 / 9:20 am

    You’re not alone, buddy! For lack of playing time, I just barely hit level 10 before logging off last night, with Scooter on my heels at 9. My main is a human Medic Scientist, and just last night Scooter and realized that I could activate some mining bots that she as a settler had repaired(?), which then provided building materials for her. We’d heard of synergies between the paths, but this was the first time we’d really seen it in action beyond simple buffs and things that benefit anyone walking by.

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