Just in case you thought WildStar was all happy goodtime feelings…

bottleEgads, that’s dark!

8 thoughts on “Just in case you thought WildStar was all happy goodtime feelings…

  1. Ha I took a screenshot of that one too.. that text really smashes you in the face more than any other lore I’ve seen so far. (The other parts aren’t as good though.)

  2. It’s impressive the sheer volume of those stories spread about the world. It’s like another game at times.

    The 2nd shiphand mission was like that, if you read the logs lying about.

  3. I thought one of Wildstar’s selling points was that it never made you read more than 140 characters of text?

  4. @Carson The basic quest text is always short, but you can get additional information if you so desire. No one makes you read it. You choose to.

    @Syp Man! that’s as dark as anything in TSW.

  5. Wow. And this is why I try to make the effort to read these bits of lore I keep picking up.. though I was slacking last night.

  6. It’s dark alright. It’s also really badly written. Technically, that is. It may work emotionally in the context of the game but coming to it cold I find it confusing and hard to follow because of the inconsistent pronouns and tenses and the muddled sentence structure. I liked what I saw of the lore and background fill when I was in beta but I remember most of it reading more fluidly and coherently than this.

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