The Secret World: Savoring the sequel

h1Oh YES.  Bring it on.  Let’s go… to Tokyo!

Issue 9, aka the long-awaited Tokyo release, finally came out last Wednesday.  That kind of sucked for anyone who had just gotten into WildStar in a big way, but I’d rather have more good stuff to play than I can handle than not enough, yes?  Our group got together to start exploring, but in a cruel twist of the knife, Funcom only made Issue 9 available for subscribers — us lesser peasants had to wait an additional three days.  So I was only able to start the content last night.

The cost for the issue was 1200 points — $10 — which felt pretty fair, considering the sheer scope of what’s being delivered.  Issues 9-11 will make up an expansion’s worth of content, and $30 isn’t that bad for it at all, especially considering the buy-to-play nature of the game.

I only had time for the first quest, Venice Sinking, so I didn’t even get to Tokyo proper during my session.  It was a good prelude, however, with a closer look at the Council of Venice and the return of a certain purple-clad faction.

h2As great as it was to be running new missions, having the first be a sabotage-style mission was kind of a kick in my character’s non-existant nads.  You have to navigate a tricky series of platform obstacles throughout a canal interior in Venice.

TSW never fails to show me how it loves being frustrating right up to the point of making me want to dropkick the game across the room — but making the challenge fair enough so that you feel accomplished when you beat it.

Maybe I was a little groggy last night, but there was a certain section I just could not get past.  I kept throwing myself at it, dying again and again.  At one point I howled out an anguished “NOOOOO!”, startling my wife from across the room.  It’s okay honey.  It’s just my hobby driving me insane.

h3I really, really do not like you lady.  But at least I’m done with this mission and Tokyo bound!  Man, I hope they have some cool outfits over there amongst all of the suffering and horror…


4 thoughts on “The Secret World: Savoring the sequel

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards June 9, 2014 / 11:08 am

    WildStar’s not my thing, and I’m a grandmaster, so I was able to jump into Tokyo right away. On the whole, I’m happy with it, but there are a few disappointments.

    First of all, as a word of warning, it’s much shorter than you think it’s going to be. On the one hand, this is disappointing after such a long wait, but on the other, it’s still the biggest content patch to date, and it didn’t cost any more than the previous ones, so it’s hard to complain too much.

    Also, expect to pay more than $30 for the whole of Tokyo. They’re planning several Sidestories mission packs in addition to the main issues.

    I also find AEGIS presents a rather intimidating grind right now. The system itself is solid, and I enjoy it, but to upgrade your new gear for it, you’ll have to repeat an awful lot of missions and/or just hardcore grind mobs for hours. This is exasperated by the lack of daily quests or other easily repeatable content in Tokyo at the moment.

    But on the plus side, as always, Funcom has knocked the ball out of the park on the quality of content. The characters are as brilliantly written and voiced as ever (I want Daimon Kiyota to be in every single cutscene from here on in), the story is gripping, the fights are intense and challenging, the atmosphere is impeccable, and the mission design remain incredibly clever.

    Right of Way is probably one of the most mechanically interesting missions to date. Hint: Get ready to think with portals. And The Pachinko Model has to be the most disturbing mission yet. Yes, worse than the Nursery, and worse than Virgula Divina.

    Seriously. That mission is going to haunt me.

  2. darkeye June 9, 2014 / 2:23 pm

    I think Funcom have a knack for putting in some unfun mechanics into missions that are otherwise interesting. Right of Way is one example in the new content, it is neat puzzle-solving but some of the traps and platforming section are just annoying.

    The Aegis system isn’t too fun either. I’m putting it in the same pile as augments. It’s interesting in concept, but not fun in practice and yet another grind. And the best strategy for tackling the new Aegis mobs in Tokyo, run past them! Need to work on my build yet, but it seems like players with the best gear just breeze through the mobs, at least I see others struggling too.

  3. Sylow June 9, 2014 / 5:42 pm

    Actually the aegis at the start turned me off. At first just seemed like an unnecessary additional layer of slowdown. But slowly i start to bend my mind around it. It’s not so much “best gear” which lets you breeze through the mobs, i have full 10.4 gear and at the start those mobs were cruel.

    My setups (mostly my passives) saw a massive rework since then and now i do much better already. (I moved from leech to direct healing, as the most obvious change. ) My next experiment will be to make a setup with several non-consumer using big attacks. I am thinking along the lines of buckshot, takedown, shotgun wedding for a huge alpha strike. After all, the shields are not that powerful and the mobs have limited health below them. So i guess if i can burn the shields quickly with a huge load of frontloaded damage, killing there will be easy enough.

    Disclaimer: alpha strike setup is still untested. I am considering it, might also be that i get badly beaten up with it. (And i am quite certain that it won’t work on the bosses. )

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