WildStar: A new start

First things first…

s2How awesome is that screenshot?

Anyway, while I had a good time on my Medic and got her to level 16, when I got to Thayd I figured I was at a decision point.  Progressing further felt like I was committing, and I was already having a few doubts about my long-term interest in this class.  It’s not a terrible class by far, but since I need to limit myself to one character per MMO at this point, my main needs to be perfect for me.  And that meant going back to playing an Engineer.  I couldn’t deny what I knew all along.

s1That kind of stunk, since I’d be giving up a good part of the launch week/headstart to reroll, but if it’s better for the long haul, then fine.  Plus, maybe purposefully putting myself behind will help break me from the “must keep up with the Jonses” mentality and let me level in peace at my own pace.

So Syp the Engineer came back.  My daughter picked out my hairstyle, which I must admit is growing on me.  I went Settler too; Scientist was fine but wasn’t really blowing my skirt up.  I like collecting and building, plus the Settler has missions that are like Geocaching hunts.

While the bots are a little broken, I still like having them and settled into the fight pattern of the engie early on.  It’s definitely a boon to have more armor and be able to play with this game’s equivelent of a shotgun.  What is it with me and shotguns in MMOs?  So much more fun than any other type of gun.

I don’t know if I’ve just gotten my “game legs” or the easier path of Algaroc, but I got Syp up to level 13 within two days.  She’s just breezing along, leveling up Settler all the while.  I even got a baseball cap last night from that path, which is my new favorite costume option.  And while crafting might have some appeal in the future, right now I’m all about making gold in this money sink of a game, so I grabbed two gathering professions.

I’ve been a lot more dutiful about doing challenges — and redoing them, in the event that I didn’t get the housing option that I wanted the first time.  There’s an early one to deactivate mines without getting hit (very easy and very quick), but I could just never win that Rowsdowser plushie decor item I wanted.  I must have run that challenge six times on a half-hour cooldown before it finally dropped.

s3After the claustrophobic Aurin zones, Algaroc feels downright open and free.  It’s got a great western feel to it with a lot of wide-open spaces, pine trees, canyons, and frontier spirit.  There’s also more of a Protostar presence, and I have to say that I’m really intrigued by these guys (and amused by them too, of course).  There are hints about a bigger reason than capitalism why they’re on Nexus, and like most of the mysteries that the game sets up, I really want to know.  I also liked the guy who, when you gave a jetpack to him, accidentally launched himself into outer space.

Another interesting discovery was when I came across a couple of goons who were apparently going to execute a citizen in the woods.  While the guy was begging for his life, the goons had this long discussion about a low-carb diet (something I’m very familiar with).  It was morbid but funny too.  An interesting example of how this game can make these characters more than just colorful cutups.

All in all, I am like a kid in a candy store with WildStar.  While not perfect, it’s got so much of what I love about MMOs.  I’m looking forward to seeing where Syp’s adventures lead.


One thought on “WildStar: A new start

  1. Spidubic June 9, 2014 / 12:36 pm

    I went Miner and Armorsmith but am wondering if two gathering professions is not the way to go. As you say Wildstar is a huge money sink. Seems like I can get decent armor out questing so no real need to craft it.

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