System Shock 2: Reboot

(This is part of my journey playing through System Shock 2. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

ss1I’m returning after a little bit of a break from all of this depressing dead-ship-in-space madness with a firm decision: I need to reroll my character.  System Shock 2 is not a very forgiving game to a badly planned character — and I have no patience for playing one.  So I did a little research and took advice from SS2 experts as to what I should roll.

My new character is ditching the whole Psi angle (I didn’t like holding that ball on the screen all of the time anyway) to focus on small arms and hacking.  I went the Navy route this time and will hope that I can find/buy enough ammo to make it through the game without resorting to flailing desperately with a wrench on the final level.

ss2In the interest of keeping this series interesting, I try to blitz through all of the areas I’ve done before.  It goes a lot smoother this time, with fewer surprises and more goodies thanks to my newfound hacking skill.  I find it really amusing how even on a ship with no friendly living people, I still have to pick up currency to spend on store items.  What does the ship need with nanites, anyway?  Why can’t Xerxes say, “Hey man, you’re our last best hope, here’s a free laser machine gun and full body armor.  On the house.”?

ss3The hacking skill comes in very useful, not just to gain access to goodie crates, but also to shut down the security system for a length of time.  I don’t really get the challenge of the hacking minigame — you have to connect three boxes in a row and can keep resetting it — but oh well, it works.

ss4Ack!  He’s been polygoned to death!  Poor soul…

Anyway, this power cell might be what I was missing my first time around.  I pick it up and start looking for a place to recharge it.

ss5Another thing that I missed the first time around is this regeneration machine.  It’s basically a respawn point, which I don’t see a real need for considering all of my save game slots.  Plus, have you seen this awesome wrench I’m carrying?  Bad guys, you best start running now!

ss6So he hanged himself but he was really scared while dying?  I don’t get this face, other than it freaking me out.  Plus, the rope doesn’t go to his neck.  You get a D- in suicide, mister.

ss7Right back there in the corner is the recharge station that I need, but there are two automated turrets waiting to swiss cheese me (mmm) when I go in.  So I dash back to the security station, disable the system, and run back here to recharge in peace.  Hacking rules!  Also, San Dimas Football.


2 thoughts on “System Shock 2: Reboot

  1. Zombiepirate June 13, 2014 / 4:51 am

    Be excellent to each other!

  2. Dahakha June 13, 2014 / 10:05 am

    Ahhhh, System Shock 2. This, Half Life and Unreal were the 3 games that opened my eyes to what the FPS genre could be. Defining games of the late ’90s for me.

    Funnily enough SS2 caused me no end of trouble due, like you, to being a damn scaredy-cat at heart. Even though I loved it, sometimes the thought of going back and facing more horrors was enough to make the mouse cursor hesitate, then move over to another game icon. I also was at the time when I had to everything in hard difficulty, so yeah it was tough.

    I started out as an OSI psychic agent, but those hypos were so hard to find and I had bugger all weapons skills so flailing about with a wrench was about all I could do most of the time. I think it took months but I got to the point where I just couldn’t get any further into the game due to no health or psi and several mobs to get past.

    After a year or two I ended up restarting the game and running with the…marine? Army? The shooty one with the ability to use lots of weapons and stuff. And some hacking, I think. It worked way better than the psyker route. It’s a much more pleasurable game when you are not constantly having to reload because you used too much ammo or lost some health in that fight.

    I loved that the sounds are 90% what makes the game horrifying…to this day I cannot help but be creeped out by monkey sounds….

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