WildStar’s death guy gives me the grins

While I stand by my desire to see the growly, SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY narrator in WildStar sacked or at least muted, I’m not singing the same song for another narrator — the unseen voice of the grim reaper.  In-game it’s probably one of the Caretakers or some Eldan program that’s in charge of reforming your mangled corpse, but whatever it is, there’s this snarky, dry-witted voice that harranges you every time you die… and I love it.

I mean, you’re already kicking yourself for kicking the bucket, and now the game is too.  Even though it’s an MMO and we have infinite lives mode unlocked, it’s a sign of failure when we bite it.  I like that the devs decided to prod that sore spot by having this voice deliver a droll rebuke when we die.  There are a lot of these quips and I’m still hearing new ones even a couple of weeks into the game.

And is it just me, or does that voice totally sound like the Ghost Host from Disney’s Haunted Mansion?  Maybe that’s why I like him so much.


One thought on “WildStar’s death guy gives me the grins

  1. kiantremayne June 17, 2014 / 7:13 am

    Probably says something about how jaded I’ve got with MMO commenters out there that when I read the headline “Wildstar’s death guy” I just assumed it was about some random forum troll announcing that “Wildstar is dying” and my reaction was “Holy crap! Even Keen and Graev usually give a game three months!” 😀

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