WildStar: Medic vs. Engineer

My propensity for rerolling and my chronic indecision as to whether I’m going to fully devote myself to the Medic, the Engineer, or split my time between both has slowed my leveling in WildStar down to a crawl.  I’m 15 on the Medic and 18 on the Engineer, whereas several folks in my guild have already dinged 50.  I’ll be away all of next week, so I’ll get even further behind the main pack then, but oh well.  Take life at my own pace.

(Plus, I spend a LOT of time in my housing, which doesn’t really help me to level.  If I find a single decor item as a drop, I have to stop everything to teleport back to my house and see where I might put it.  It’s a convenient excuse.)

While I’m certainly not playing the fleshed-out, fully AMPed versions of either of these classes, I have come to conclusions as to what I like about each

The Medic

First of all, the Medic plain looks wicked awesome.  Dual resonators (or whatever you call them) firing “rave beams” and holograms is definitely different than the norm.  I feel bad for Spellslingers and their little pew-pew toy pistols in comparison.

I find that the Medic does really well against groups of enemies, as practically every attack is either a cone or an AOE.  I like to lay down a few disrupter fields and then lay in with quick, instant attacks that chew through mobs like a toddler through a bag of Easter candy.  It’s very visceral and satisfying, and puts the Medic on top in regards to combat satisfaction.  I simply like fighting with a Medic more.

The downside to her is that I rerolled her as Dominion to be with some friends, but that’s not making me like the faction any more than I anticipated.  Plus, she has a horrible house compared to her Exile counterpart.  Belghast did give me this shockingly naughty Granok bed (some of you players know of which I speak) but her plot isn’t as functional.

I’ve been playing her as a Scientist too, and this path is growing on me.  I hung around Ellevar long after I finished my main quests to wrap up Scientist tasks.  There were a couple of tricky ones, culminating in a logic puzzle at the end that granted me some nice goodies.

The Engineer

While the Medic might be my favorite in terms of combat, the Engie isn’t far behind.  Big gun, bot pets, lots of things that go boom.  There are a few skills that I’m looking forward to in the next 10 levels, including one that will function as a shotgun-style builder.  I like the solid durability of the heavy armor and just discovered that one skill I had — a CC breaker — also added an absorb shield I previously overlooked.  I like sending in my bots for the one-two punch of interrupt/taunt and quick AOE damage.

She’s a Settler, a path that I like although it doesn’t feel as though there’s much room for creative building as there is for utilitarian tasks.  Making buffing stations around the world makes me happy to help others, and I really can’t express how useful the ability to summon a mailbox or vending machine is.

I like my Engie as a character more.  She looks cooler (with her Jayne hat!) and I’m really into the Exile spirit.  I like their races more and the frontier/rebel thing hasn’t gotten old yet.

Plus, and this cannot be stated enough, my Engie has an absolute rockin’ pad.  Her house is coming along nicely, as I just finished putting in the second story floor yesterday.  And she had the epic garden, the epic relic hunter dig, the graveyard challenge, and a few other fun plugs to round it out.  I’m building a forest path as well as a pillow fort.  I’d hate to see all of that be put to waste because I was busy playing my Medic all of the time.

I do wish I could choose just one, but right now I can’t.  Curse my indecisive nature!


4 thoughts on “WildStar: Medic vs. Engineer

  1. Seth June 17, 2014 / 1:45 pm

    Hey Sypster, I’ve been eyeball’n the same 2 Classes. Im in the midst of building a new computer. I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Wildstar. But don’t know if its for me? Im an old veteran MMO player(Daoc,Coh,WoW,Swtor) with a game detesting wife and kid(5). I cant raid but enjoy the solo leveling and alting, Crafting and collecting.

    One thing i dont get is the whole “cupcake” meem about the game. Seems like a forced “Were so Extreme…!”or hip or just tooly. Browsing the official Forums is pretty scary too. Different opinions are good but it feels very flamey and snarky there. So I’m hoping it isnt as apparent once ingame.

    Guess i wont know till i try.

  2. Asmiroth June 17, 2014 / 2:34 pm

    If it helps any, I am having a hard time not playing my alts. My focus is hitting 50 on my Esper (37 now) and then breaking down and playing 2-3 other classes. Leveling is just plain FUN, so I’m actually not that despondent to doing it again.

    @seth you can play without doing any raids. Easily. There is plenty of stuff to do outside of that.

    The “cupcake” meme is a tongue in cheek view on the entire gaming genre. Think of it as a B-movie, like Ed Wood. Sort of like the opposite of Mountain Dew. The game community is much different.

    Also, avoid the official forums. There is no game where they are good. Use Reddit instead. People who are having fun are playing the game, not posting on a forum.

  3. Rowan June 17, 2014 / 7:02 pm

    Agree with Asmiroth regarding game forums and people having fun playing. Game forums seem to be toxic pits for the most part (though TSW’s seems OK for some reason).

    Much like you, Syp, I have roled one each of Engie and Medic. They “speak” to me. Strangely enough, my Medic is Exile and my fledging Engie is Dominion. And I think I feel about the same as you about the Dominion. Even realizing that the whole game is tongue in cheek, the “values” of the Dominion are grating to me.

  4. Miss Mojo June 18, 2014 / 2:10 am

    Im like you, totaly involved in the housing, stopping me from leveling all the time *giggles*

    I have not tried those two classes you are playing, but get off that dominion side and get back to EXILE mkaay! So i’d say, stick with engineer, just because it’s on the correct side 😛

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