System Shock 2: Medical malpractice

(This is part of my journey playing through System Shock 2. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

ss1One super-nice thing about playing System Shock these days is how lightning-fast the game loads up.  Like, seconds from clicking the icon to being in the game proper.  And no performance issues to speak of, even with everything maxed out.

I finish exploring this side of the level, which has a few enemies but not much else left.  “We… we do NOT welcome YOU!” a shotgun-toting hybrid growls at me.  If you get the opportunity to hang around and observe these guys without being attacked, they do say pretty disturbing things in disturbing tones.

A couple of the PDAs that I pick up talk about coolant and radiation leaks down in Engineering, and how the ship shouldn’t have launched as it was.  Looking around, I’m like… yeah.  Probably not the best call.  Way to go, humanity.

ss2I’m getting better at leaning around corners to see if there’s one of Xerxes security cameras, and if so, swapping to a pistol to take that out.  Otherwise, I’m strictly a wrench boy right now.  Need to conserve as much ammo as possible.

ss3With the charged power cell that I got in the last session, I open up a locked door and head into the Medical section of the deck.  Nothing but smooth sailing from here, right?  “Intruder in Medical section A,” Xerxes blares.  “The Many wish to know your intentions.”  He goes on to ask why I’m doing the bidding of the creature who wants to destroy us all.  First of all, spoilers!  And second, it’s not like Xerxes is doing me a solid here.  Help me out and then I’ll become an X-Man, okay?

ss4I find a room with a surgical room that can heal me up to full, but the downside is that there are two monkeys here that start blasting me with mental bolts or something.  Monkeys can do that now?  That seems decidedly unfair.  Fortunately, these monkeys are limited in movement by the game’s technology and aren’t swinging from the ceilings and ducking into vents like it’s the Ship of the Apes.  Small favors.  There’s an amusing PDA where a medical guy is dismissing preposterous claims that the monkeys are chatting with each other psychically.  It’s less amusing to see all of the monkeys splayed out on dissection tables.

ss5The good doctor gets on the com to tell me that there some sort of pseudo-scientific explanation for me seeing ghosts.  Yeah, whatever.  So you’re saying it’s all in my head, just for a good reason?

This part of medical is certainly more hostile.  I’m not only bumping into hybrids and monkeys that can shoot, but several rooms are doused in radiation.

ss6Yeah, that’s inviting.  Since I don’t have any protective gear, I have the choice to skip or to dash in and inject myself with the few anti-radiation hypos I’ve picked up.  I do the latter and come out with a few more goodies and a shorter lifespan.


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