This summer’s starting to heat up!

yeahWhew… I’m back!  And it looks like, for once, the MMO world didn’t implode/explode/morph without me.  Good to know.  As much as I like going on mission trip, it’s nice to have it behind me so that I can stop stressing about it and start enjoying the remainder of the summer.

And what a summer it’s shaping up to be, yes?  While there are no major launches on the horizon, studios are definitely not slacking in giving me options of what to play:

  • WildStar: Even as I rolled a new Spellslinger last night and resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never see a hoverboard at level 25, nevermind hit the level cap, Carbine’s getting ready to push the Strain out in early July with tons of endgame content.  That’s fine with me — I have more than enough to do right now, and knowing that there’s fun stuff ahead waiting for me is comforting.  For the record, I really like the goofy plague theme.
  • LOTRO: My sabbatical from this title continues, although the upcoming Update 14 might drag me back in for a night or two a week.  We’re starting a new epic book and heading into Gondor (finally), and the Paths of the Dead are begging to be explored.
  • The Secret World: Our group continues to explore Issue 9 on a weekly basis, although we don’t think that we have much left to do before repeating missions.  I don’t have any idea when Issue 10 will release, although I thought I remembered Funcom mentioning mid-summer, which would be terrific.
  • Guild Wars 2: Season 2 begins tomorrow, and I’m actually a little giddy about it.  I very much applaud the Journal feature for the story, as it’s attempting to solve two big problems that the game had with season 1 (a lack of a cohesive, followable story and temporary content).  I’ll probably just keep playing my Engineer for the forseeable future.  Would be nice to finally finish mapping the WvW zones by the game’s second anniversary, but I never seem to have much luck in that department.

Outside of those games that are immediately of interest to me, RIFT just announced its second expansion and Landmark continues to develop nicely.  Both are of fringe appeal to me right now, but one never knows.  I’m also following ArcheAge’s alpha/beta closely, looking to see what Trion may be doing to cut down on the toxic community already developing.

Tack on a ton of new books coming out in July and way more TV/movies than I have time to do, and at least I won’t be bored during what entertainment time that I have.  No complaints here!

3 thoughts on “This summer’s starting to heat up!

  1. Rowan June 30, 2014 / 11:19 am

    Welcome back.

  2. Syp June 30, 2014 / 12:08 pm


  3. Sylow June 30, 2014 / 6:04 pm

    Aye, welcome back. And on TSW, while Issue #10 still is some time off, the next mission pack is likely to come out this week. 🙂

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