System Shock 2: Human contact at last

(This is part of my journey playing through System Shock 2. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

The quick recap: I’ve woken up on board an experimental FTL ship (well, two ships linked together) where something’s gone horribly wrong many light-years from earth.  A disembodied voice of a doctor is urging me on as I duck parasitic hybrids of the former crew, psychic poo-flinging monkeys, and a murderous security system.  I’m feeling very sorry for myself, but at least I got an access card to R&D.

aa1Right from the get-go, returning to the old Medical section puts me in the line of fire thanks to a camera I didn’t see before.  This was definitely a “reload” situation due to the pounding I took, but I thought I’d screenshot it for posterity.  Go wrench!

aa2There’s a weird first-person perspective thing going on in this game.  It’s like I’m at the height of a child, especially when I come upon ledges like this and feel like I’m barely peeking over them.  Maybe I am a kid!  SPOILER!  /TWIST!

aa3As I use my newfound card to access the R&D wing of the medical level, I finally feel that I’m getting the hang of this game.  Slowly unlocking a level with lots of exploration and backtracking, gathering everything I can, unloading jammed weapons for ammo, taking out cameras… I’m a pro!  Well, I’m less of a noob than before at least.

aa4There’s a slightly freaky moment in an R&D corridor where a ghost screams and cries over its former body.  Guess that would be traumatic, what with having to paint the walls red and then dying.

aa5I’ve just about had it with playing wrench jockey, however.  While that weapon has the benefit of no ammo needed, it’s getting me pulverized any time I come into contact with a shotgun-wielding hybrid.  So I’m switching over to a shotgun of my own for now.

This… is my BOOMSTICK!  It looks totally awkward just protruding into the screen like that without a hand supporting the barrel, doesn’t it?

aa6Hey, it’s another actual live human!  How’s it going Dr. Watts?  It’s so great to see… oh, you’re dead now.  Well, that was a nice two seconds of companionship at least.

Dr. Watts does warn me that the host wants to set up shop in my skull and then passes a code to the maintenance room after he slumps to the cart.  His final gift is that yelling all that beckons a couple of hybrids into the room for me to deal with.  Why won’t this game let me use dead bodies as meat shields again?

aa7Speaking of jolly obstacles, now there’s this terrifying mech patrolling the hallway.  As I pump shell after shell into it, I wonder yet again why the ship’s designers felt it necessary to overprepare for a possible bording action.  Man, I wish I could hijack that suit and stomp my way to victory.

aa8And with my new code, I’m able to jump down a deck into Engineering.  My new goal?  Restore power to the elevator so that I can go up to deck 4.  This better be worth it.


One thought on “System Shock 2: Human contact at last

  1. Dahakha July 2, 2014 / 10:54 pm

    I remember becoming really good at switching between wrench and gun, because I wasted so much ammo yelling and reflexively shooting when the ghosts appeared.

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