System Shock 2: Engineering under duress

(This is part of my journey playing through System Shock 2. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

So now we’ve arrived on our second deck, engineering, and are looking for a way to turn on the power to the elevator.  If it was me in this ship?  I’d find a room with lots of food, lock the door, and never move again.  But I’m going to make game-me go exploring through a nightmare ship since he’s got nothing to lose.

en1Right off the bat, engineering is a different animal than the medical deck.  It’s a lot of cramped corridors, exposed pipes, and plenty of radiation to cook me into a Syp burrito.  Being hit by radiation in this game is kind of nerve-wracking, with the sounds and the screen occasionally flashing green.  You know you’re dying, you just can’t see what’s attacking you.

en2I’m not a big fan of the game’s maps, especially running the resolution that I am.  Getting to the core to restart the power is going to be a challenge with so much of the deck shut down and leaking happy funtime radiation rays.

en3“Do you have a radiation hypo?” a ghost asks.

Yes I do, but you ain’t getting any, on account of you being incorporial and all.

en4In a central room I bump into a new type of robot: a protocol droid.  Aw, like C3P0?  Well, only if C3P0 is well-known for trying to give you explosive hugs, I guess.  Xerxes has turned even the most innoculous of machines against me.  I can’t wait to put a bullet in that computer’s motherboard.

en5The doctor comes on the con to yammer about the parasites that were picked up on Tau Ceti V and how they have ways to control others even from afar, but it’s nothing new to me.  Meanwhile, I pick up a radiation suit, make my way up a gravshaft, and find out that I have to hunt down yet another code to unlock an access door to the cargo bay.

This will be a problem, because the path to victory takes me through the field of a couple of really nasty turrets.  I don’t know how to fight these things yet, as my firepower seems a little dismal for the task and I can’t hack the local security system.  WTB higher hacking skill, stat!  So I’m walking away from the game for today in hopes that a fresh perspective will persevere next time.


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