System Shock 2: Freaking out at the bottom of the ship

(This is part of my journey playing through System Shock 2. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

ss1I hate when I log out of a game in a difficult spot, because then it becomes really hard to convince myself to pick it up again.  Stuck in engineering while facing a few turrets with inadequate hardware made for a delay in my play here.

Fortuantely, after inspecting my inventory I realised I had a few options.  A case of armor-piercing bullets caught my eye, so I loaded those up and easily took out the turrets with a few hits apiece.  It took a few saves to do so, because I kept having mobs spawning behind me — and since I’m made of tissue paper, it takes just one or two whacks with their wet noodles before I went down.

ss2Is that one of the brain slugs?  It’s really hard to tell.  I’m wondering why I haven’t seen any of the parasites try to latch onto me yet.

A security station with a handful of goodies was my reward for persevering through this area.  At least I was able to raise my standard weapon skill to 4, although 6 is my goal since it’ll allow me to use the assault rifle.  Until then, I dunno, my character would probably point it at his face and pull the trigger.

ss3Crossing over into a new section, the screen whites out and I get to take a brief tour of the inside of the Many (I’m assuming).  It’s all biological and yucky, in a sharp polygon way, although the voice that calls to me is far more disturbing.  It asks why I’m fighting against it instead of joining it, why I’m teaming up with “the metal” instead of my former comrades who are now with the Many.  Maybe I’m not fighting for anyone other than myself?  Maybe I’m tired of everyone trying to kill me?  Your recruitment methods are suspect, Many, when they come in the form of lead pipes to my noggin.

I find another PDA that continues this little side story of a lovesick couple who are trying to get together since they’re on separate ships.  I’m betting that doesn’t end well for them.

Since the whole turret section took up a bunch of time, I wasn’t able to progress much further today.  Oh well, you sit tight there Mr. Space Soldier and think pleasant thoughts!

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