Am I looking forward to upcoming games at all right now? No.

As a gamer, I have to admit that I feel pretty sated.  Even if no new MMOs came out again, I think I’d have enough variety and choices to keep me occupied until I was long into a nursing home.  Having to say “no” to games that I wish I could play but have no time for is a bittersweet part of my life.  The upside is that I’m rolling in gaming goodness, pretty much playing WildStar nonstop with some Guild Wars 2 and Secret World here and there.  I suppose that I will be getting back into LOTRO for Update 14 as well.

If I could clone myself?  Syp 2 would be all about Fallen Earth, and Syp 3 would probably do the D&D route with Neverwinter and DDO.  Syp 4 would have no problem getting back into RIFT and preparing for the Nightmare Tides expansion.  Syp 5 would do my chores, because he’s the butt monkey of the clone pod.

But with all that occupies my attention right now, there’s little left in my life to pine for something new.  Usually that happens when the regular gets too familiar and there’s a growing itch to explore fresh territory, but I don’t see that happening soon.  I hope not, at least.

Sure, there are a few titles that I wouldn’t resist playing if they were plunked down in front of me, such as ArcheAge and a fully fleshed-out Landmark, but I don’t have to worry about that right now.  Further out on the MMO front… I guess EverQuest Next has me the most excited for a major game release.  Maybe H1Z1 if there’s a PvE server.   Maaaaaybe one of the crowdfunded MMOs if the end product lives up to a quarter of the hype that the teams/community are generating.

And yeah, there are a few single-player titles that I’ll probably pick up.  Wasteland 2, definitely, that’s a high priority one.  Sims 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition are up there as well.  And really anything new from Telltale Games.

At least right now, I’m just not looking ahead to the future, but concentrating firmly on the present.  It’ll probably be another few months before I hit level 50 in WildStar anyway, and I’m already behind in Guild Wars 2’s new season.  I don’t need to be a game glutton, I guess.


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