WildStar: Syp vs. Bonetalon

bonetalonHaving a group quest in my log kinda stresses me out a bit, because I know that it’s not always up to when I want to get the quest done, but when the opportunity presents itself in the form of other interested players.  Usually I don’t have a problem putting a call out to zone chat, since there’s almost always a couple of people with the same quest lurking over their heads, but last night I couldn’t find anyone to fight Mr. Bonetalon here.

Fine.  I’m not going to be slave to the suggested group size, I determined.  I took out my hospital staple guns and went to town on this oversized chicken.  And it mopped the ground with my face — but only after I made a good dent in its health bar.

So I regrouped by buffing up and replacing a DPS skill for a healing one.  I came back at Bonetalon like a man possessed, dodging its telegraphs like mad, doing damage when I could, and always healing, healing, healing.  Long story short, after about seven minutes, I whittled that bird’s health down to nothing while keeping my own topped out.  That was a good accomplishment for the night.

Speaking of accomplishments, I’ve really come around on challenges in WildStar.  Sure, some are really annoying and sometimes borderline impossible, but not *having* to do them but *wanting* to do the ones I do make a difference.  I find that I really do enjoy trying my hand at each challenge as they come along, at least making bronze for a shot at a good prize.  And if the challenge ends up having a juicy loot table?  I make a note of it for the future.

I’ve worked on two quick Thayd challenges to my daily rotation, since both of them take five minutes combined and offer chances at decor and dye.  It’s how I’m ending most of my night sessions, with a quick sprint through the town and some garbage pickup.  I can see myself going back through the game later on to mop up the challenges that I missed or failed at doing.


2 thoughts on “WildStar: Syp vs. Bonetalon

  1. j3w3l July 10, 2014 / 8:23 am

    one thing i’ve noticed about the challenges.. the kill ones are generally about gear while the collect or interact type ones reward decor and stuff like shields and implants. Since I’m only after decor from them I know which to choose haha.

    good ole bonetalon…With those group mobs I find there isn’t any real consistency.. some just deal a tonne of damage normally while others are about telegraphs. Personally i prefer the telegraph route as it makes it more about skill to complete.

  2. Rackham July 11, 2014 / 4:08 am

    If you haven’t already put this Thayd challenge in your regular grind, you should hit the Dance Dance Revolution one in the Black Hoods district in Thayd (right near the bar, just look for the large screen with a dancing aurin).

    It’s not a hard challenge at all. SImply mash all four buttons (numbers 1-4) throughout the whole sequence and you should have silver or gold by the end of it.

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