Guild Wars 2: Taimi fan club

taimiI’m taking my Ranger through Dry Top before Tuesday’s next drop and confirming what I felt the first time I went through season 2, episode 1 here — this is by far more engaging content than much of what’s come before in Guild Wars 2’s living world.  As some have noted, it’s very reminiscent of Guild Wars 1’s mission structure, a blend of open world adventures and instanced vingettes.

I like how this content is layered depending on one’s level of interest.  For me, it’s nice to just go through the story (~1-2 hours) and be content waiting for the next episode to drop.  But there are options to do more champion fights and rerunning episodes to tackle achievements, which, hey, I guess is better than nothing if you’re only playing Guild Wars 2.

Out of the NPC troupe that you’re tagging along with even though they never once refer to you by name (I feel like such a… seventh wheel?), Taimi is becoming a fast favorite in my book.  It’s not just that she personifies a child with a serious disease — which is pretty unique in the annals of video game lore — but that she’s such a driven, smart character that won’t accept being left behind.  I mean, *I* want a battle golem to ride around in, that’s pretty awesome.  And her little snarky asides (“Braham, did she just call us fat?” had me laughing) have endeared her to me.

Maybe I only know very surface details compared to Guild Wars 2 players who have doctorates in extensive knowledge of the game world the way some are wont to have, but Taimi’s just fascinating to me.  Braham and Rox obviously have taken on the roles of surrogate mom and dad for her, which is all levels of amusing as a parent myself.

I’ll admit to being a little worried when we all left Taimi with the Scarlett artifacts, because a little part of me wonders if whatever drove that weird Sylvari insane might come out to infect the Asura.  Of course, that would be a major driving force to going on more adventures to help her out, but I don’t think anyone wants to see Taimi hurt more than she already is.


One thought on “Guild Wars 2: Taimi fan club

  1. bhagpuss July 14, 2014 / 9:47 am

    Mrs Bhagpuss is convinced Taimi is barely a step away from full-on Scarlet fever. I hope that’s the way things are headed but I fear it will be just one of many possible futures that we won’t get to explore. More likely she’ll be the one to crack the code of what Scarlet really did find when she looked into the void and the void looked back at her.

    As for Braham and Rox becoming Taimi’s surrogate parents, well all I can say is there’s trouble brewing for that little post-nuclear family. Rox very clearly dislikes Taimi and Taimi simultaneously has no respect whatsoever for Rox while being jealous of Rox’s relationship with Braham, whatever that is. Destiny’s Edge ended up barley on speaking terms and I see this wannabe version heading right down that same road.

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