Screenshot Thursday!

LOTRO still has it in the visuals department… one last landscape photo of Rohan before I cross over into Gondor. Dang that’s pretty.
And here’s me on the other side of the Paths of the Dead. Scary door, not-so-scary interior.
I would’ve been playing through Entanglement last night, but the WildStar/GW2 servers were being crushed under a DDOS attack. Got this groovy screenshot at least. Viney!
I have the thundercloud sky in my housing plot in WildStar, and I love these little clouds that float by. Cartoony is NOT a bad style decision, at least in my book.
Second shiphand mission upon which I met this very, very happy skeleton. With eyes. I might make this my new avatar. Reminds me a bit of the Mars Attacks guys.
Got this “sad face” portrait in one of my boomboxes — and I am really engrossed with it. My theory is that someone made this from a doodle a WildStar artist did one day.


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