The Secret World: We are the song that reminds demons to tremble

doraHey, Dora the Explorer is plenty smart.  I learn from her every morning, thanks to my kids!

Our weekly Secret World group assembled last night to run a couple of the new action missions from Tokyo.  One of the missions was borked and wouldn’t progress, so we left that to a future week, but we were able to do the ones from Gozen and Daimon.  Hey, any chance to get another Daimon cutscene is good enough reason for a quest in my book!  The guy is looneybins, but he’s entertaining looneybins… and he might be more Dragon than most Dragons.

clawThe quests themselves were adequate but nothing that blew up my skirt.  The first had us hopping from Tokyo to Hell and back in an effort to track down a demon, while the second was more complex, with a series of challenges to protect various folks in the region (including — yes! — an escort mission).  The latter did have a very interesting segment in a graveyard where we had to set up a shrine all while trying to handle these ghosts that couldn’t be permanently killed.  Instead, if you aggroed one you had to demolish its AEGIS shield and then slap on some item that put them back into a trance.  We had a couple bad moments when we got too many of the mobs on us in such a tight confined space.

Unfortunately, I think we’re coming to the end of the Tokyo missions, even having strung them out as long as we have.  I hope the next issue will come sooner rather than later, but I haven’t heard much on that front lately.

gearyKirsten Geary is what now?  I’m not sure how to interpret this.

I was thinking last night how much I wish that Funcom would have made rolling alts in this game more of a compelling factor.  I’d love to have a good reason to go back through much of this again (the writer says, conveniently forgetting the quests that made him tear his hair out), but as it stands, there would be scant new experiences with an alt.  You could create another build, true, but there’s no build I can’t create right now anyway — and doing quests on an alt would be robbing me of the AP I could be putting into my ever-hungry main.  Faction choice is pretty much only there for a slight change of flavor, and that’s the end of any alt argument.

I don’t know what Funcom could do to encourage alting.  Considering the slow roll-out of the new issues, it’s something that could be very useful in retaining players.  What if you could recycle your character in a DDO/Kingdom of Loathing-style reset?  You agree to start your character over in exchange for more powerful stats or some other exclusive perks.  That would be pretty cool.

Maybe if there was a new game+ system in place that would open up access to new weapon sets only for veterans going back through it.  Maybe quests with alternative challenges.  I dunno.  But it’s a sad to me how little I’m motivated to ever roll an alt in TSW, because the journey is why I play.


4 thoughts on “The Secret World: We are the song that reminds demons to tremble

  1. pkudude99 July 22, 2014 / 12:21 pm

    Is it me, or is that pic of KG more disturbing than the other ones?

  2. darkeye July 22, 2014 / 3:18 pm

    I like that only one character is necessary to see all of the content, I do have doubts sometimes about if I picked the right faction but then I remember I rolled Templar.

    In Lotro I given up on levelling any other characters besides my main, that game has gotten so linear, it is difficult to skip hubs (hit a bugged quest and that stopped all progress in a zone til a GM completed that quest for me) or have more than one path through an expansion’s quests.

    In contrast I’ve 8 level 80s in GW2, just because getting to max is short enough and XP comes from almost everything and each character ended up having a varied levelling path. Lotro added XP for gathering and crafting but it was so stringy that it is next to pointless, besides questing there is not much else to do, maybe run Sword Halls till your eyes bleed.

    If TSW allowed characters to share completion of the skill and ability wheels, that might tempt me to make other characters for the alternative looks, gear and flavour.

  3. Chris July 22, 2014 / 6:43 pm

    Yeah, unfortunately I vaguely recall Funcom specifically selling the “one character can see it all” approach back when the game was young, sub monies were flowing, and the devs were hopeful. There was even, I believe, some skeletal discussion of how players could experience the faction-specific missions from the opposing factions.

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