Sanitarium: The courtyard and chapel

(This is part of my journey playing through Sanitarium. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

e1We’re back at the asylum for a short interlude in the courtyard.  While Max has been “away,” the tower with the cells has burned up from a second explosion and only Max survived.  Nobody, least of all him, know how Max made it out of there.

It’s time to go around and talk to the various natives, which range from Elvis and cannibals to somewhat sane heavies who talk about how Dr. Morgan likes his experiments.  Right now he’s conducting an experiment with horrible music and its effects on both the inmates and the player.

e2In fact, we even get to meet the doctor, but he’s somewhat disinsterested in casual chit-chat.  I’ll mark that up to him being a terrific tool.

e3The big question of the hour is just how much of what’s going on is in Max’s head or not.  The game makes plays at both, with some people buying into the alternate reality and some giving plausible explanations for why Max might be making all of this up.  One thing’s for certain: the world of the asylum and the supernatural occurances that Max is experiencing are linked.

e4In speaking with a young lady in front of the chapel, Max learns two important facts.  The first is that the goal of this level is to restore the water in the fountain so that he can talk to whomever this lady had been talking to.  The second — revealed in a cutscene — is that Max was a research doctor at MERCy working on some sort of drug project.  Very interesting.

e5Well, we learned one thing from the past, which is that the stained glass windows forshadow what is to come.  Crud.  I hate creepy clowns.

e6Inside the chapel we meet Preacher Bob and his lackey Norman (and his congregation of wooden manniquins).  Norman’s hands are chained to his feet, which is another indication of how this asylum is really messed up in some fundamental way.

Anyway, to fill the fountain, I had to open up the water control box.  To open the box, I need the broom.  To get the broom (or the “staff of righteousness,” as Preacher Bob calls it), I have to recover his stolen cross.  To get the cross, I need to change the music that Dr. Morgan is playing so that the man in the tutu will get up to dance.  So that whole chain starts with me swapping out records.  It’s the adventure game polka!  Gotcha.

e7That all leads to this puzzle, wherein I need to funnel all of the water to just one place, because this is totes how water control systems work.  It took me longer to do than you’d think, but it wasn’t impossible.

e8Hallelujah, praise Bob!  The water flows and I’m able to talk to the inhabitant of the fountain, a — why not? — gargoyle.  He asks me what I want more than anything else in the world, to which I (well, Max) replies, “To see my sister.”

That triggers another cutscene, where Max arrives at the deathbed of his sister Sarah and tries to get her favorite toy clown… but fails to do so before she dies.  This is such a happy game.

e9And now I’m a little girl in the middle of the “Circus of Fools.”  Dun dun DUNNNNN.


One thought on “Sanitarium: The courtyard and chapel

  1. Allan Anderson August 10, 2014 / 7:49 pm

    I remember this game so fondly–but a bit dimly. Nice to see and read your playthrough.

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