Month of DDO: City on fire

v1We begin the next quest in the Wheloon prison chain.  I’m summoned to the city-prison to interrogate this prisoner who’s proven to be more bother than he’s worth.  He’s pretty open with me, saying that he used to be a farmer but with the help of Shar, he’s accessed great powers and was able to escape the prison by going through the shadows.

Oh, would I like to see it?

v2The world lurches and shifts into the Shadowfell, a somewhat black-and-white-and-purple realm where shadows come out to attack.  Shadows, meet quarterstaff!  You go down just as easy as any flesh-and-blood foe.

v3Outside, the docks of Wheloon are on fire.  I’m quite impressed that the prisoner revolt was able to torch so many buildings — in the rain, no less.  Must have had one heck of an organizer.

It’s a long, meandering journey through the city, attacking shadows and prisoners alike.  I am reminded of how DDO conditions players to bash any and all barrels on sight, even though they almost never hold anything of value.  SHADAR-KAI SMASH!

v4After a long while of that, I end up back in the magistrate’s office where I began, only this time the magistrate is dead and the Shar priest is gone (again).  We need to nail this guy to the floor, I swear.

I’m attacked by an assassin, and compared to the cakewalk of the fights up till now, she’s a beast.  She keeps stunning me and taking off huge chunks of my life, and it’s only through liberal potion-usage that I’m able to make it through.


2 thoughts on “Month of DDO: City on fire

  1. pkudude99 August 11, 2014 / 12:07 pm

    Are you running pure rogue with a side of acrobat for the quarter-staff bonuses? Or did you mix in some monk for the further staff bonuses also?

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