WildStar: The challenge challenge

s1Last weekend I temporarily (?) retired my medic to pick back up my newbie Engineer in WildStar.  Now that I know the game better and feel more comfortable in it, playing this class has become easier, especially in regard to skill choices and battle rotation.

Since I’m so far behind the bulk of the day one rat pack, I’m actually free to do pretty much whatever I want at my own pace.  So instead of leveling like crazy, screaming “Wait up guys!” I’m choosing to be more completionist than usual.  This means doing all of the Scientist path quests and also every single challenge in each of the zones.

This last one represents a switch in my original estimation of WildStar’s challenges.  I wasn’t that wild about them (no pun intended) at the start, since they’re timed and often asked  you to accomplish a task while fighting over the same resources that everyone else was.  Now that the population is not so much in my hair, I can do these and at least get bronze on them without worrying too much.  There was only one challenge in Algaroc that gave me problems, the one that asked me to kill the super-intelligent apes in the Eldar area, mostly because I couldn’t find enough of a concentration of apes before running out of time.  It took me about seven tries to figure out a good loop between all of the nests (because apes nest in holes in the ground, don’tcha know) before squeaking through with a bronze award.  I scoff at gold on that.

Past the mindless “kill 10 rats” challenges, there is a surprising variety of fun activities going on with these.  They’re kind of like a mix between quests and achievements with an on-the-spot randomized reward.  I do think they should let you flat-out pick the reward instead of rolling on it, since if you don’t get your desired choice you have to wait a while before the cooldown is up.

Probably my favorite in Algaroc is the one where you have to jump to the top of a hill around all of those loftite crystals that give you the super-jump ability.  It’s a little difficult controlling your direction in mid-air, but once you get the hang of it it’s a blast.

s2As I moved on from Algaroc, so I did from my guild to a new one.  I had nothing really against my old guild, but they weren’t the most social people and that’s something I prize in a guild.  So I’m still looking for a good fit and am trying out this group for the time being to see how it goes.

I do wish I could just pack up and move over all of my housing items and even structures from my other characters, however.  So much toast that is now going to waste.  Oh well, we shall rebuild!

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