STO: Deep into the black and blue

s1The only game I played during this past weekend at PAX was Star Trek Online.  It wasn’t just that I had an urge to go back to it, but that it played well with the hotel’s slow wifi and Cryptic was giving out a few free goodies over the weekend.

Instead of returning to my maxed-out carrier, I rolled up a new captain.  And instead of going for the female character that I usually pick, I created an old, craggy guy who may or may not have been influenced by Edward James Olmos from Battlestar Galactica.  Well, the concept at least.  I like thinking of him as pretty disillusioned of the shiny Starfleet philosophy, skewing more to a practical, cynical command.

While I wasn’t overly thrilled at having the basic starter ship again, I did want to work my way up to a different type of endgame vessel.  Fortunately, I guess somewhere along the line I got a couple of other starter ships, including one from Neverwinter of all places, so that made the first ten levels breeze by.

You know what’s one little thing that I really like about STO?  That the team posts player screenshots (with attribution) for loading screens.  More MMOs should do that.

For naming my ships, I decided to go with names of Revolutionary War battles.  Currently I’m piloting the Chelsea Creek.

s2It’s been a while since I went through all of these quests, and some have obviously been tweaked since Legacy of Romulus.  Last night I went through the Devidian missions, which are about as scary as STO gets (and I say that without being too sarcastic).  It’s mostly about atmosphere and a general sense of dread instead of any jump-scares.  I’m still impressed with how these missions use the dark, the encroaching blue that signals the Devidians phasing in, and the little flashlight that probably does more harm than good with my imagination.

I did get a little frustrated at one point when I got turned around on the map and my squad got completely split up.  That got me killed, but such is life.

I keep going back and forth on whether I really want to be playing.  There’s something about STO that I can’t get anywhere else, especially with the division of gameplay styles (space combat, ground combat, ground investigation).  But I keep getting flashes of “done this already,” so I might be keeping this at a very casual level.


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