Quest for Glory: The Baba Yaga’s task

(This is part of my journey playing through Quest for Glory 1. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

Well well well… we’re finally crossing the threshold of the dreaded Baba Yaga, the dreaded villain of the game.  Let’s stare evil straight in the face and give it a raspberry, shall we?

b1EGADS.  That thing fell off the ugly tree, hit every branch coming down, and then got plastic surgery to look even worse.  Well done, game.  That’s substantially more terrifying-looking than I anticipated.

Baba Yaga isn’t too pleased that I showed up, and since she knows I’m trying to be some sort of hero, she turns me into a frog and prepares to toss me into a pot for dinner.

b2All I’m thinking is that a frog is a mighty poor supper.  Not much meat there.  Why not turn me into a chicken or a pig?

At least Baba Yaga gives me a chance to live — she sends me out on a task to collect a mandrake root from the graveyard at precisely midnight and to bring it back by dawn, or else I’ll die.  Awesome.  Time to fuss with Quest for Glory’s annoying time system yet again.  The problem is that it’s dawn and I have to make 18 hours pass.  As far as I can tell, I can only get it to skip ahead if I’m tired (as in my SP is down) by an hour.  So I look for ways to fart around.

b3Killing weak goblins for money and skill points is as good a time waster as any other.  There’s a nice clearing where several goblins congregate, so I hang out here and grind for a while, then rest, then grind some more.

b4So nice of the goblins to line up and wait patiently for their turn.  At least as a thief, combat in this game is beyond dull.  Click click click click click click click.  There are a couple of different types of swings, a defensive move, and the option to throw out spells, but mostly it’s just clicking when the enemy isn’t defending.  Then it’s just a matter of if their red bar runs out before yours.

Was all CRPG combat this dull back in the day?  Honestly, I would love for there to be an old-school turn-based menu combat system here instead of whatever this is.

b5Finally — finally — midnight rolls around and I stroll into the graveyard, only to find ghosts partying it up.  I love how being a ghost in this game means that you don’t whine and moan about your undead state, but instead you get to dance the night away.  That’s awesome.  Less awesome is the fact that they suck my lifeforce away.  Time for a restore and to quaff an undead ungent!

The ungent makes me temporarily immune to ghostie graps, so I stroll in, yank the screaming mandrake root out, and dash (ever so slowly) back to Baba Yaga’s hut.

b6After all that fuss, the Baba Yaga uses the mandrake… to make mandrake mousse.  Is her tummy all she thinks about?

b7I concur with with statement.  While I got out of there with my skin intact, the whole quest seemed pretty pointless.  I didn’t get any XP or skill points that I saw, nor a reward.  And that ungent cost me 100 silvers!  Baba, there will be a reckoning for this, mark my words!

One thought on “Quest for Glory: The Baba Yaga’s task

  1. UnSubject September 10, 2014 / 12:28 pm

    Uhh, that quest. Trying to beat the clock was never fun in Quest for Glory.

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