Quest for Glory: The man in the cave

(This is part of my journey playing through Quest for Glory 1. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

ca1Nearby Erana’s Peace is a cave, which is guarded by this fearsome-looking ogre.  While I have better armor on now than before, I’m still a thief fighting with a dinky dagger.  I should have chosen the fighter class, shouldn’t I?  Oh well… I actually muddle my way through this encounter, striking at the creature when he steps in to swing.  Once again, I am severely underwhelmed at the combat mechanics in this game.

The ogre’s corpse does cough up a treasure chest with a lot of money in it, which I add to my growing hoard.  Seriously, I’m up to 18 gold or something now, which is enough to buy pretty much anything I want.

ca2Inside the cave is a bear (which is normal) that is chained up (which is not as normal).  For kicks, I go right up to him and then get mauled to death.  This prompts the above death notice, which I applaud most vigorously.  Best pun ever.

ca3Getting past the bear isn’t hard at all — as the description tells me, he’s a HUNGRY bear.  Here dude, have an apple from an underage centaur filly who won’t date me.  Rawr, that’s good fruit.

ca4In the next room of the cave is a kobold wizard (I love his tattered robes!) who has a key around his neck.  Well!  We must be unlocking that murderous bear, mustn’t we!  I try sneaking up to him, all thief-like, but since this is literally the first time in the game that I’ve tried sneaking, my skill is horribly poor and I get fried by magic(tm).

ca5Since I need a higher sneaking skill, you know what that means.  The game is going to require that I do a repetitive task over and over again while it slowly levels that skill up.  So I head back out in front of the cave and practice my sneaking to the vast approval of the decaying ogre.  He gives me important tips like how to blend in with one’s environment, and I feel less like a complete fool for mincing back and forth for over ten minutes.

ca6At least all that sneaking practice pays off: I easily boost the key from the kobold and free the bear.  Said bear transforms into — shocker! — the Baronet, Barnard von Spielburg.  He’s a tool, too, sneering at me as if he wasn’t just wallowing in his own filth and happy for a bite of apple.

ca7The upshot of all these trials is that I am now welcome into the Baron’s halls.  He’s pretty glad to see me and far more appreciative that I rescued his snooty son from eternal bear-hood.  I haven’t quite saved everything — I still need to find his daughter, drive out the brigands, and reverse the Baba Yaga’s curse — but it’s a really good start.

I even get invited to dinner and am rewarded with 50 gold for the baronet’s rescue.  I need to go on a shopping spree!

One thought on “Quest for Glory: The man in the cave

  1. Doone September 15, 2014 / 12:03 pm

    Never played it and it looks quite interesting.

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