pagan1Last night Massively’s MJ and I livestreamed one of the new Tokyo missions featuring a new instant favorite character, Ricky Pagan.  It only took us an hour and a half to bumble our way through it, but I gotta say that it was totally worth it.  The Secret World almost never fails to make me say two things:

  • “That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen/heard in an MMO!”
  • “Well… you don’t see that every day in a game!”

And this mission did both.  Without spoiling it too much, it was about a rockabilly-loving gang in infected Tokyo and your efforts to reunite them.

Using music.

pagan2Yup, that’s us strutting down the street with boomboxes on our shoulder, blasting out tunes in hopes of making one of the Filth guys dance.  It’s so ridiculous and sublime that I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing throughout this entire quest.  There are even five new tunes just for this mission alone.

pagan3And why not cap off the mission with a dance party among ghosts?

Bravo, TSW.  That right there alone made the price of this mission pack totally worth paying.


  1. Indeed. The story is fantastic, amusing and sad at the very same time. Very well done. Next to that, i want that boombox permanently, useable everywhere in the world, please. 🙂

  2. @Wlad: Tokyo is supposedly tuned around people who have only finished Transylvania and the issue storylines. I find it perhaps a little rough (though still probably doable) for that level, but you definitely don’t need full .4 gear. I’m in a motley of .0-.2 gear and doing perfectly fine.

  3. @Wlad : As Tyler said, it *is* a little rough to enter, but that’s due to the new system. The mobs, once their shields are down, aren’t that much more difficult. I’ve been able to go through every mission in Tokyo, for example, and I only have 10s, 10.1’s from the issues. Added system is horizontal, which makes it feel like you’re starting over again, but it’s not that bad once you learn it.

  4. The level of your gear is not -that- critical. While my main in all 10.4+ indeed has it a bit easier than my alt in all blue QL10, both can operate there. The bigger issue is how aegis works. Plenty of people who did not adjust their setups died like crazy when Tokyo opened. The most important thing, leeching does not work on aegis, so all the highly successful leeching frenzy setups suddenly have no more survivability in Tokyo. (A well crafted AR healing setup does work acceptably, though. Shot of Anima along with its passive do plenty of healing. )

    So, if you die like crazy when entering Tokyo, don’t blame your talismans but rather take a close look at your setup. But also note, the fact that you start out with only 3 controlers and no capacitors also limits you noticeably. Acquiring a full set of 6 controlers and one or another capacitor should be on top of your priority list when entering Tokyo. (The fact that the first missions you get when entering Tokyo and following the storyline send you against the hardest type of mobs to be found there doesn’t help, either. ) But to ease if a bit, we all were at that position when Tokyo opened, and by now people are knowledgeable and information about which setups work there is available. So, read up a bit on them in the forums and it should not be too rough.

  5. Not so long ago, you could hear the boomboxes of the OTHER players in the area too, that was even more hilarious…funcom sadly removed this feature.

    As for Tokyo and difficulty, i returned a month or so ago and i was still in QL10.0 greens eagerly hoping to do Tokyo. Sadly i found it really frustrating and difficult. The roaming/trash mobs is pretty much nightmare mobs with an overdose of ability spamming.

    I was forced to return to the old world and rerun issues #5,6,7 and repeat a whole lot of other missions to flesh out my character and redefine my build. This helped a little in Tokyo (alot more in the old zones), but ultimately what made the biggest difference was the Aegis CAPACITORS/ENHANCERS , try to level one Aegis controller to QL1 and buy a set of 4 from the AH, do so ASAP, trust me that will rip those shields off the mobs in no time and still leave you with nightmare type of mobs with a habit of spamming impairs.

    Admittedly, even with that, i still dislike AEGIS. The dual+triple shielded bosses and regenerating shield mechanics is just a big chore for me. The whole switcheroo of controllers on the different hands mid-combat is also very clumsy , especially with only 3 controllers and an tiny little icons to click to switch.

    So Tokyo is not really as fun a place for me to hang around, the stories are cool, but the zone is just annoying and VERY aggro-unfriendly (nowhere to stop and look around, even investigation missions force you to clear mobs constantly just to read stuff)

    You know the monastery in the Carpathian fangs with the “lingering ones” and the monks? Go stroll around there , that is exactly how Tokyo feels to me, and will most likely feel to any “casual” player that is not all decked/epiced out. If you can comfortably solo that “age of violins” quest you get from the vampire in the cave , you should be ok in Tokyo.

  6. I just wonder which tripple-shielded boss you have encountered in Tokyo?

    Outside of the big event, where usually 40 people were fighting the golem, i would not be aware of any single enemy which fields more than two shield types. If there are, please remind me, i might have forgotten. For all the bosses i remember, as they have only two shield types and as those are visible before attacking the target and as switching your active aegis outside of combat does not trigger a cooldown any more since the last patch, this is more a matter of discipline and looking at what you fight before attacking than anything else. For easier use, i’d advise to download the aegis hud addon (check the forums in the addon section). This makes using aegis much more comfortable, although i advise to disable the mechanic which always sets the aegis of both weapons to the same type, as doing so costs you a lot of flexibility. I rather advise to mostly run with two different kinds of aegis active and to select them according to which corner of Kaidan you just run around. (All mobs in an area have one kind of aegis active and all bosses there come with one other kind of aegis additionally, so if you select the correct two types of aegis and have a proper skill setup, you always are able to kill the shields of any enemy you encounter without having to endure the cooldown of switching in combat. )

    What i fully agree, though, is that the lack of controlers and capacitors when just entering Tokyo is very painful. Reaching higher QLs of them is not that essential, but having a full set (2 controlers of each kind and 4 capacitors) really makes a huge difference and indeed gives you a rough start in Tokyo. FC would be well advised to give you one or two QL0 capacitors along with the first set of controlers to give you a smoother start there.

  7. @Sylow, do the mission “The Right Round” (the follow up of “Tower Defense”) , the final boss got 3 shields. Granted, the Towers you place are there to take care of the shields, but the fact of the matter is, there are 3 shielded bosses and i shudder to think what kind of antics Funcom will pull in raids/nightmore zones that revolve around AEGIS.

    The biggest pain is bosses with a Pink+Blue shield , both regenerate , the pink regen you can interrupt with an impair, but overall it is not a great fight to have..it’s just too much of a tap-dance-switcheroo thing going on.

    And yes, if you got all the controllers and all your capacitors and improved the cooldown factors , i suppose the AEGIS thing is just another “layer” you need to concentrate on, but ultimately i find it a nuisance rather than strategic. It makes battles unnecessarily long and cumbersome . I don’t mind a shield system ,but the 2-hands combined with 3 different shields , layered over each other added to the fact that mobs are now spamming special attacks that makes the ground look like a disco floor is just too much to have thrown out there. This is great for the hardcore players i’m sure, i’m not convinced the casual returning player who enjoys the story will find it quite as exciting.

  8. …just to add to my comments above. If i ignore the AEGIS system; the story telling, the cinematic, voice overs and the actual content in tokyo is still superb and right up there with all the older content.

    It’s quite clear Funcom has/had plans to release a Tokyo the size of Transylvania/Egypt (i.e. 3 zones) and didn’t have time/resource and they are now doing this in stages. So it very well might cost alot more than a big expansion would, but if the quality remains as high as it is, i’ll gladly pay my $10 per issue pack.

  9. Aye. Nusquam even in the forum commented, that even he consider the current “flow” of progression in Tokyo to be flawed. The original concept of delivering all at once would have given a better experience, and the “slicing” in different packages, as soon as some missions were ready for delivery again, hurt the concept there a lot.

    On Aegis being “strategic” i doubt it. I see it as another mechanic, and would it have been inserted more smoothly, it wouldn’t have been as much trouble. But as you noticed, Aegis and way more telegraphs and some other stuff at the same time indeed is a killer.

    On the bosses: hmm, you might be right about the one in the sewers. But as you also noted, you there plaster the ground with the turrets, which help a lot with the shields. But i also agree, those psychic and cybernetic shields are annoying. The only two “positives” i find about the aegis are:

    1. It once again shook up deck construction. Some abilities which didn’t see use at other places suddenly became useful, while other “must have” abilities lost a lot of their value.
    2. It avoids direct vertical progression. When a MMO delivers an expansion, the community also demands “more power”, else many would not buy it. In about any other MMO, this would mean that we’d now be working towards higher tier gear (QL 15 or so, here we come) and possibly also new powerful super-skills. With TSW, our gear and skills keep their value and we instead got a completely new mechanic to upgrade, which only is of use in that area.

    So, i also consider the aegis system not to be that great. But i prefer it to the alternatives which would loom on the horizon at many other games.

  10. Thanks for the replies. I’m in 10.2 gear and started the Issue 8 content. I have to say I am not a big fan of the scenarios. I think my build is out of date though.

    “…This is great for the hardcore players i’m sure, i’m not convinced the casual returning player who enjoys the story will find it quite as exciting” -silvertemplar

    ^This is what I am afraid of.


  11. @Happy Wlad . To be honest, i despise scenarios , it’s imho a treadmill they put in there to keep the hardcore players busy while they worked on content, then even had to put in a “Novice” level after the fact because it was just plain frustrating for the odd casual player.

    Scenarios might be somewhat rewarding in a group, but as a solo player i found it not worth the grind , nevermind the fact that there’s unnecessary lockout timers on them (i.e. if you fail, it’s 1 hour lockout on that specific scenario type, and they want people to learn scenarios this way? 18 hours lockout if you succeed… ).

    Now i like the idea of scenarios, but Funcom chose to pick the worst objective possible (Escorting NPCs / Saving NPCs) , if they had more casual objectives like “survive x waves and y bosses” maybe i would have enjoyed it more.

    Anyway, my real point is you can SKIP scenarios and Issue 8 entirely to be honest. You don’t need to do that for Tokyo, i absolutely refused to GRIND scenarios to get in (this is the option that is presented to you ). I paid another $10 to get the “Side Stories: Further Analysis” pack, which in itself got some nice missions, so i didn’t feel it a waste. There is an investigation mission in there called “Immersion” which gives you a shortcut into Tokyo without ever having to touch a scenario.

    All scenarios did for me was put me in the mode of changing my build and finding something better, however Tokyo does it to you again since scenario builds do not always work in Tokyo. I for example, prefer to have 2 builder abilities in Tokyo (one for each weapon) so that i can have 2 different coloured controllers on each weapon and thus don’t need to swop mid-combat if there are multiple shield types involved.

    The entire augment system that came with scenarios can be upgraded without ever doing scenarios, you can buy augments on the AH and you need a ton of AP to upgrade the abilities (which you can get anywhere) .

  12. I have to agree on that. Occasionally doing scenarios with friends, can be great fun. In case you don’t have such a group of friends at hand, you might also like to check out the sanctuary or noobmares channel and ask for a scenario group there. Done in group at lower difficulty (and thus very likely with full reward at the end) will allow you to get the token you need to be allowed to go to Tokyo. But silvertemplar also is right, there by now are ways to get to Tokyo without touching any scenario ever, if you intend to do that. Still, done in group and at a reasonable pace they really can be fun, just be sure to keep the dosage low, else they can turn toxic for your enjoyment of the game.

    As a sidenote on the augments, they really are nothing you need at all. They were introduced and sold as a way for high-end powergamers to invest time and AP and are meant to be on the schedule forever. There currently is absolutely nothing in the game where you’d need augments for and i’m quite certain that if any content would be created where they become necessary, it would be done the same way as dungeons: normal and elite mode (no augments required) for “normal playing” and the story and a nightmare version, where the so-called “elite” of the playerbase can invest time and effort to get the best gear. (Keep in mind, i do have 10.4 and some 10.5 equipment, i like the challenge of a nightmare run and the NY raid once a while, but i make sure that doing them doesn’t turn into a fulltime job. )

    Thus just enjoy the game. Those who like to invest the time and effort can do so and get very small improvements in power in return, everybody else is welcome to have fun in the game anywhere else. 🙂

  13. Thanks again. The only thing I’m really worried about is missing too much of the content. It was just a bit overwhelming getting back into it.

    Time to figure out if my build still works. I play pistol/shotgun because I’ve seen too many bad 70s cop shows. Although I look cool, I’m sure my build is outdated. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. the forums aren’t actually much help for pistol/shotgun.

    Thanks again


  14. Hmm, Pistol/Shotgun. Early warning, what i now suggest is untested and certainly will require you to be quick on your toes, this weapon combination just doesn’t give the “stand and deliver” capabilities of other setups.

    With the Shotgun you have a reliable way of debilitating and some mediocre tools of
    damage mitigation. (Flack Jacket, i am looking at you) Both allow you limited crowd control,
    but neither of them has any active healing. As you start out with low level controlers and no capacitor at all, your damage against shielded enemies will be low and thus the fights will take a while when you just enter Tokyo. The glasscannon approach thus is not working, some means of survivability will be necessary.

    If you want to keep this weapon combination you should look into a few things:

    1. Bring the mentioned Flack Jacket for (albeit time limited) damage mitigation.
    2. Bring one or another of the CC abilities so you can keep out of the range of melee enemies more easily.
    3. Consider to include Turn the Tables for at least some active healing.
    4. Consider to include a cleanse. (Pistol offers some options for that. I found cleansing to be very helpful in Tokyo. )
    5. Make sure that you reliably debilitate the target. (A classic would be pump action and sawed off, but in Tokyo you want a builder of every weapon, so 12 gouge probably is the way to go. )
    6. Probaly best to just have one AoE builder and consumer of either weapon. This way you can have two different types of Aegis controlers active and don’t have to switch when fighting a boss with two different shields.
    7. Carefully select your passives. Would you pack some better tanking or healing abilities on your bar, which would require different weapons, you could put more offense into your passives. Due to the Pistol/Shotgun prequisite, your passives should rather care for survivability.
    8. For sure you will need to use Lick Your Wounds and Immortal Spirit.
    9. You might want to look at the “Regenerate like Wolverine” thread in the forums for more info on passive healing.
    10. Alternatively to Empowerment to boost your passive healing, you might want to take Fluid Defense from blades. Not only does it give you some damage mitigation when you just sometimes manage to evade (adjust talismans accordingly), it also helps your penetration rating, which again helps Immortal Spirit and 12 gouge to trigger more reliably.

    But despite all of this text keep in mind, this is a concept which i have not tested in Tokyo yet. I know that in earlier zones such a setup is viable and i hope this helps you in Kaidan but can’t give any guarantees.

  15. Uh. I am way too busy typing now, i should stop, think, then type. What i mean that is lacking is that it has no shotgun builder. Which i consider a weakness in Kaidan, at least for my playstile.

  16. @Sylow the build in the link you posted up there, the passives are what i’d say is what he should be focusing on . That is exactly the passives i run on alot of my builds and it should give an automatic boost in dps to any weapon combo.

    There is the other passive grouping that involves leeching frenzy and a few others that trigger heals based on affliction or penetration that can solve most of your healing shortcomings in the same way . It will, much like the bloodsport/gross anatomy passives above allow you free reign in terms of your active weapons.

    Point is, sometimes it’s worth seriously going for a good synergy with the passives , despite it being more expensive in the AP front, in favor of playing the weapons that you enjoy. I personally really dislike Assault Rifle, as in the feel of it, and it being a big favorite for self-healing , i didn’t want to box myself in with being stuck with Anima Shot for the rest of my life, so passives solved that for me.

  17. I just built something similar, just adjusted to my personal needs.

    Fire and Forget, Hair Trigger, Kickback, Dirty Tricks, Win-Win, Semi-Auto and Stopping Power.

    Fluid Defence, Bloodsport, Iron Maiden, 12 Gouge, Circulation, Immortal Spirit, Glimmer of Hope.

    It allowed me to kill Daimyo easily. Two builders to avoid cooldown for switching Aegis and AoE disposed of the adds. (Most open world content you run into groups of mobs, so i usually go for AoE attacks on solo setups. The single target builder on pistols is an exception for the AoE builder looks ugly and is point blank only. ) I thought i’d be harder pressed for defense with only passive healing, but it worked well enough and i think you won’t run into much harder enemies than Daimyo when doing solo content.

  18. I’ve been using a variation on my solo build with the beauty that is Gross Anatomy.

    Actives: Scattershot, The Business, Shootout, Out for a Kill, Win-Win, Turn the Tables, and Dirty Tricks
    Passives: Fever Pitch, immortal Spirit, Twelve Gouge, Twist the Knife, Incision, Iron Maiden \m/, and Gross Anatomy.

    I’ll probably switch out FP with Circulation once I get it. I have 802 pen but only 251 Hit. I have to work on that I guess. I did the Side Stories: Further Analysis, then finished Venice, and The Inspector’s Gadget you get at the end really helps out.

    My only real problem in Tokyo so far is manually switching the Aegis between my pistol and shotgun. My shotgun builder is AoE and VERY subpar vs single mobs. And the pistol is not a very good at groups. If I get caught by a group of mobs with my Aegis on my pistol, its a pretty tough fight. The same with my shotgun and single mobs.

    Thanks again for the advice. It’s good to be back in the game.

    Wladyslaw “Wlad” Bukowo, Templar of Arcadia.

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