The Secret Adventures: Not quite dead (Kingsmouth #5)

(You can follow my playthrough of The Secret World on Bio Break’s projects page!)

cellSomething Wicked (investigation mission)

  • This is a pretty neat investigation mission that was incredibly glitchy back when the game first launched.  Anyway, Norma’s second and final quest is to send me investigating a series of murders that happened in 2002 when the weather and atmosphere of the town was much like it is currently.  She said that they caught a vagrant, but she and the Sheriff believed that it wasn’t human hands that cut those girls open.
  • Since you’re just told to investigate the murders and not directed where to go, it really pays to know the town.  Going to Sheriff Bannerman would be an obvious idea, but first what I have to do is head to the town hall and rifle through the old records.  There are a LOT of records, so knowing the time frame (summer 2002) is key to narrowing it down.
  • The records contain a newspaper clipping talking about the arrest of the vagrant and the murder of three girls.  NOW I run over to Bannerman, who says she’s done with the case but invites me (why not) to look it up on her computer.
  • The file on the vagrant Larry tells of inconsistancies with his report and also that “You can ask my ghost for the truth.”  Sounds like he was taking the fall for something, but why?  And why would he kill himself?  And how did he know that he could talk from beyond the grave?
  • So here’s the cool part of the mission: I have to die.  Seriously.  This is one of several TSW missions that utilizes the ghost or anima world to solve missions.  Sometimes you see things as a dead person that aren’t there otherwise.
  • As a dead person, I can go into the now-open cell that is locked in the normal world.  Larry is standing there by an inscription about white ravens and golden girls telling secrets.  I’m also amused by the “Bannerman is hot” graffiti.  How do people get graffiti into the cell anyway?
  • The white raven outside the police station (I’m still in ghost form) leads me on a merry chase into the woods, where several ravens are lined up, each saying a particular phrase.  I have to click on them to match the phrase I just read in the cell.
  • The ravens then fly off nearby to the pumpkin tree, where they tear into a ghost man standing there.  Reality flashes back in as I’m resurrected and Jack O’Lantern — a grotesque monstrosity — emerges from the ground.  Jack runs off for now, although his story will continue over the course of the island.
  • Geary tells me that Kingsmouth is not a good place to die.  I concur.

flare A Light in the Sky (side mission)

  • Out on Pyramid Point are a couple of dead Morninglight folks, a box of flares, and instructions to shoot them off.  I love how many missions in this game are, “Why not do this/go here to see what happens?” which this is.
  • So after running all around this zone to light off six flares, do you want to know what happens?  NOTHING.  Really.  Even the mission report text is the generic response, so there’s no closure to this… nor context, really.  I think it’s just an excuse to push you to the Morninglight camp.
  • However, on my way to the church, I do run across a rare mob that I’ve been looking for for some time now: Mr. Freezie!  Was he the one tied to the wedding ring quest?  I’d like to think so.  I’m just so thrilled to have actually seen him.

freezieA Sacred Place (action mission)

  • Time for a new questgiver, this time the Rev. Henry Hawthorne at First Congregational Church.  A fun fact: I just got ordained at my Congregational church this past weekend, so now I guess I’m Rev. Syp.
  • This action mission is a good one to answer the question, “Why is the church safe from the zombie siege?”  Henry, an Illuminati wannabe, suggests that it’s from a combination of the Lord and the secret society’s doings.  Let’s check it out.
  • Pulling the zombies into the church one-shots them, which is always fun to do.  Turns out that there are wards drawn all over the side of the church, so the quest tasks me with replicating them across the graveyard.
  • When I get all of the new wards in place, something cool happens: a white light kills everything in the graveyard.  Well, kills all of the zombies.  It also summons a vengeful hulk who’s getting revenge on me waking him from his nap.

horrorVeteran’s Day (side mission)

  • The angel statue in the church graveyard is a WWII memorial, and somehow my character knows that these fallen soldiers are now zombies and deserve a special re-burial.  How my character is supposed to know this or where the zombies are located, I have no idea.  What I do know is that I have five targets to behead.
  • I will say that TSW does a fantastic job with zombie variants.  Yes, there are plenty of repeat models, but at least we have old ones, fresh ones, ones with damage, foreign ones, fire ones, etc.  Plus Mr. Freezie the Zombie!
  • This side mission has a good selection of weapons for rewards, so if you haven’t upgraded from your starter weapons, this could be taken a couple of times to gear up a bit.

Dust to Dust (action mission)

  • As someone said in Sanctuary chat, the Illuminati are probably the most “evil” faction of the bunch.  Cutthroat and ruthless would be my terminology, but in any case, this mission shows a really bad side to them.  They were responsible for… something… on Solomon Island that resulted in mass graves.  Even the pastor of the church has to bend himself in knots to try to rationalize it.
  • So yes, there are a LOT of mass graves around Kingsmouth.  I mean, one mass grave is more than enough to be disturbing, but it’s like the aftermath of a war zone here.  There are mass graves for witch hunt victims, for suffocated miners, and for cultists.  Geary says it comes with the type of place that this is and that I should be a good soldier and help keep it all buried.  I’m perturbed.

sewerThe Kingsmouth Code (investigation mission)

  • Heh, this is where the fun really begins, boys and girls!  I think that this mission was the one that really made a strong early impression on a lot of TSW players as to the potential and style of investigation missions.
  • Hawthorne reveals his fanboyish connection to the Illuminati, telling me that this town is really theirs (the whole island, really) and that there are secret paths everywhere.
  • The secret path I’m meant to follow are the points of the pyramids on the sewer manhole covers.  I doubt that before doing this quest, anyone even looked down at those covers they ran over.  The covers point to a spot on the wharf where a plaque mentions that the truth is at the seat of power (i.e. the town hall).
  • A painting of the navigator there references time (the nearby clock, stuck on 10:10) and kings.  I Kings 10:10 mentions King Solomon as well as the number 120, which points me to the Solomon Priest house (next to the church) and the code for the keypad.
  • Down in the Illuminati cellar is a vault with a few artifacts (the eye, the pyramid, and the phoenix).  Geary tells me that it was “super cute” watching me solve one of the faction’s own puzzles, which makes me wonder why all of this is set up anyway.  Is it a test for Illuminati potentials?  Does someone go around making sure that the covers are pointing the right way every day and that nobody’s tinkered with the town hall clock?

One thought on “The Secret Adventures: Not quite dead (Kingsmouth #5)

  1. Sylow September 30, 2014 / 11:17 am

    That’s the only real use of the Illuminati, they show how good we Templars really are. 😀 😉

    But really, considering how different factions treat their members, i really sometimes wonder why there aren’t all Templars around. The Templars are the only faction which shows respect to their members and treats their recruits fairly. [Means, would i be an as valuable asset as a Bee in TSW and would my faction treat me the way the Dragon or Illuminati treats their members and considering that you have the information about other factions and how they run things, i guess i’d quickly be off to the Templars. In either faction you have to do a job, but i rather be treated as a soldier, than being considered a toy/tool or be treated as mere dirt. ]

    Next to this philosophical excursion, thanks again for this posting. I am enjoying them a lot. 🙂

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