STO: Applejack to the rescue!

applejackLeveling in Star Trek Online is so absurdly fast these days with the double XP toggled on that I’m almost to the max level while only being about halfway through all of the episodes.  I was grateful for this since it got me out of the Defiant ship relatively quickly, although I was surprised to see that I did get a new free ship at Rear Admiral (level 40).  For some reason I thought they stopped giving you new ships around this point.

Not one to look a free ship in the deflector dish, I grabbed the upgrade to the Sovereign (Enterprise-E).  It’s nothing special, but at least is has a few more module slots.  I’m relying on drops and mission rewards for my gear, so it’s very haphazard, especially in the weapon department.  I’d love a few more phaser turrets, although I did not mind that blue-quality plasma mine that dropped the other day.

So the big internal debate I’m having in STO is whether or not to buy a nicer tier 5 ship now and then upgrade it for the expansion or to hold off and get a tier 6.  It probably makes better financial and statistical sense to go for the tier 6, but that knowledge wages war against a few factors such as (1) the expansion is still several weeks away, (2) I haven’t seen an expansion ship yet that I desperately want, and (3) there are really cool ships and special features that would be pretty great to have now.  I know that I’m not going to buy two separate ships; I just want my “endgame” ship to work on and build up.

bridgeRight now I’m in the thick of the Romulan/Borg episodes.  I can’t believe it took this long into the game before a mission sent me into the interior of my own ship — I would not have thought to do so otherwise.  Oh hey, I have a bridge!  It’s kind of neat to see my crew doing things other than running after me with weapons splayed.

I did the Vault mission the other night with my shuttlecraft.  The mission was all elbowing me and saying, “Y’know, this would be SO much easier with a Delta Flyer, which is purchasable from the C-Store for a low, low price!” and I was rolling my eyes back and saying, “How many times do you need a small craft in this game?  And this mission isn’t that hard with the free craft anyway.  But thanks for trying!”

I’m kind of happy that I have two purple and two blue-quality bridge officers.  With all of the XP rolling in, I’ve been able to max their skills out almost instantly.  We had a conference meeting and decided together that the Wrath of Khan uniforms weren’t really working for our style, so we all went to the tailor and swapped to the experimental Sierra uniforms.  I think they work a lot better for our look.

So that’s been about it in Star Trek Online lately.  I enjoy the time spent playing it but don’t feel pulled or pressured into logging in.  It’ll be nice to know that by the time I finish up with these episodes there will be an expansion’s worth of new ones to explore — although how many those will be is anyone’s guess.

3 thoughts on “STO: Applejack to the rescue!

  1. Sylow September 30, 2014 / 11:03 am

    You don’t really need any boosts to level characters. Two of my “play around” characters were played just far enough to be able to do duty missions. Being able to do duty missions, they never left earth orbit any more, just switching between the accademy and the spacedock, recruiting new duty officers once a while and assigning missions regularily till they reached maximum level.

    This is a very viable way of leveling which requires very little investment of actual playtime. You still end up with a T4 ship, which at that time when i played was good enough for any content in the game. I just can’t tell you how well these ships handle in the new content of the last about 12 months, but i would expect them to still be quite viable there. [As long as you bring your equipment on par. My T4 ships with good equipment were able to bring survivability and damage comparable to T5 ships at that time and T6 [aka: fleet] ships were not considered superior. (Fleet equipment on the other hand was considered significally superior and very desireable, which brought stronger and well established fleets lots of new recruits while tiny fleets suffered. )

  2. Sylow September 30, 2014 / 11:07 am

    Uh. Number correction. You get a tier 5 ship for free still, so T5 is what i actually named T4 in my posting. T6 ships are what you have to spend money for and fleet ships are considered T7 in some ways.

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