The Secret Adventures: Purple imposter (Kingsmouth #9)

(You can follow my playthrough of The Secret World on Bio Break’s projects page!)

ellisRunaway Lights (action mission)

  • Wow, are we to our final Kingsmouth mission NPC already?  I guess so!  This one here is Ellis Hill, who is (spoiler) not Ellis Hill at all.  The shovel-and-dirt trail leading into the airport hanger is one clue about this purple imposter.
  • “Ellis” is concerened that the airport generator is starting to fail, and even though my character refuses to shake his hand, I guess I’m the best one of the job.
  • Said job involves running through the various tunnels under the runway to check on the wiring and then knock out the mechanical golem that’s guarding the generator.  Doing this proves a little challenging, as some of these rooms are almost sabotage-like with environmental hazards.  The toxic water room and its narrow passage is the worst.

genThere’s Something About Ellis Hill (side mission)

  • A dead body by the airport generator clutches a note suggesting that “Ellis” isn’t who he says he is.  Now, I know the truth, but let’s pretend otherwise and go on a morbid scavenger hunt for clues!
  • The shovel in the hanger has a trail of dirt leading from it… and that dirt goes to the truck parked outside.  Inside is a plot-convenient GPS that traces a route back to the bike track.  Dunno why this guy needed a GPS to guide him all of a quarter of a mile, but oh well.
  • At the track, I find a semi-buried body of the real Ellis Hill.  Poor guy, and an Iraqi War vet too.  Geary suggests that this imposter is one of the Phoenicians, and I’m inclined to agree.  I really wish I could confront him about it, but nothing doing.

golden Dead Air (investigation mission)

  • Man this “Ellis” guy creeps me out, especially how he’s always poised to attack me when I come in the room.  I’m kind of wondering how such a huge guy was able to fit into the smaller real Ellis’ coveralls, but I should stop asking questions.
  • “Ellis” talks a bit about reception and moans about how it’s all static… when the radio starts chattering.  He switches it off in a hurry and rushes me from the room, which is all the invitation I need to go Scooby Doo mystery solving on his butt.
  • I take a quick break to join the rest of the server as they pile on one of the golden golems nearby.  Nice AP reward and it gets me a pair of fiery eyes.  Noice!
  • After checking out the radio mast at the airport, it looks as though it’s a little broken and in need of some “McGuyvering.”  There are a lot of parts lying around, so I pick them all up (I only need three, but I like picking stuff up in MMOs), go back to the mast, and fix ‘er up real good.
  • That’s when this investigation mission gets interesting.  The antenna receives a message in Morse Code, which contains the location of the next part.  Figuring this out either requires (a) abnormally good Morse Code skills, as the code goes by quick, (b) an app to hear and translate the message, or (c) a weak will that leads one to a guide solution.  I think I did it honorably the first time around, so you’ll forgive me if I was a little weak here.
  • The drop site that the coordinates lead me features a large box with a very ticked-off creature inside and two Phoenician troops trying to contain it.  Kill kill, dead dead, mission over.

copBadge of Honor (side mission)

  • With all of the Kingsmouth main quests out of the way, let’s wrap up the side missions before we return to the central storyline!
  • This mission was always a little disturbing to me, mostly because it’s about piecing together a story from its aftermath.  A short, gory story involving a busted-up police car, a blood trail, and some Draug down by the water.
  • After getting the dead cop’s badge back, I have to run it alllll the way back to the sherriff’s.  Man, I haven’t been here in a while!

mailNeither Snow nor Rain nor Zombies (side mission)

  • I should have done this one a while ago!  It’s almost, almost literally a FedEx mission — I find a post office truck and decide that, hey, everyone might be dead, but that’s no reason that I can’t impersonate my favorite Kevin Costner movie!
  • You can actually do this quest three times in a row, delivering packages to three different locations.  No sweat.

bodyThe Body (side mission)

  • There’s an “unfortunate corpse” underneath one of the bridges.  All corpses are unfortunate, in my opinion, although this one looks to have been murdered prior to the fog — he’s been chained to an engine block and thrown in the river.
  • A clue on his corpse leads me back to Edgar’s Scrapyard, where I poke around in trunks until I find a photo showing the man and a whole lotta money.  I’m not really sure what went down here, and I kind of would like to know.  Oh well.

The Slaying of Dixie Bull (side mission)

  • Another mission I missed that I should have gotten a while back.  There’s a black gravestone on top of a hill that belongs to a very dead pirate… well, he used to be dead, and then Kingsmouth happened.  So now he’s roaming around and as the duly self-appointed Pirate Patrol Posse, I need to put him back in the grave.
  • If you didn’t catch that, it’s Syp vs. an undead pirate from the 1600s.  Taking any and all bets!
  • Okay, yes, that was the easiest fight ever.  He didn’t even look very piratey!  /disappoint

Trapped (side mission)

  • There’s a dead Draug on the beach, which is always a cause for celebration, although it’s odd that it died from apparent bear trap wounds.  Well, my interest is sufficiently piqued as to who not only has access to a large collection of bear traps but is deploying them against sea zombies.
  • It’s time for another follow-the-trail mission (TSW has a lot of mission sub-types).  The traps lead me to the fake Ellis, which all gives me another reason why not to invite him to my Christmas party this year.

4 thoughts on “The Secret Adventures: Purple imposter (Kingsmouth #9)

  1. Triski October 14, 2014 / 9:03 am

    Syp, do you know if some of these side missions you mention come from later issues rather than the ones that come with the B2P offering? (I think those are issues 1-4).

    I ran through Kingsmouth more times than I can count to get AP and skill points for various weapon combos I was trying, and some of these side missions are ones that I never came across.

  2. Syp October 14, 2014 / 10:27 am

    Triski, so far I haven’t touched on any of the DLC missons (the paid-for missions, including the sidestories). I believe the first one we hit is in Blue Mountain.

    A lot of these side missions are tucked away, but they are there! I use a full mission list for my checklist as I go through this series, and a few of them require help in locating where one finds the mission start. Most of the side missions in this game are in the game world and not near a mission giver, which is different than most current MMOs.

  3. Sylow October 14, 2014 / 11:26 am

    Hmm. The Body. I can’t remember to having done that one. Guess i’ll have to do some checking of bridges in the next time. 🙂

  4. Triski October 14, 2014 / 6:44 pm

    I’ll have to do the same, thanks for the info. Syp. I remember now that there were a few areas that I tended to stay away from because I always got into trouble there, so I’ll go back and look around again.

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