RIFT: Ghosts and goblins

r1Things are moving fast now in the land of RIFT now that I’ve passed 50.  Jumping into Storm Legion content has been a significant boon to my character, not only in the quality of story, but in terms of gear upgrades.  I guess I forgot how much of a large increase it was from the vanilla game, but egads, practically everything I have has doubled from mere quest rewards.

On top of that, I finally have access to planar attunement (and had a few hundred PA points waiting for me when that happened), took a detour to grab Bernie from the Ember Isles, and can start running Storm Legion dungeons and assorted experts.

However, what’s making me the happiest is that Storm Legion has gotten a lot more leveling friendly since last I tread these grounds.  Story quest XP has been significantly increased, which lessens the need to grind out every last little carnage mission.  In fact, with that XP increase, XP vials that I’ve saved up, and various dungeon runs, I don’t think I’ll be doing anything BUT the main story to get through this expansion.  So far, I’ve gotten up to level 52 without breaking a sweat, and I’m actually tracking the story a lot better now that it’s not being broken up by tons of distracting tasks.

I decided to go the Brevane path for this character, as I recall enjoying these lands and quests a lot more than Dusken.  Navigating is a little annoying at times — jungle zones are typically some of the most obstacle-happy places in MMOs, and here is no different — but I’ll put up with it to explore a land of ancient technology that’s been abandoned.  Well, mostly abandoned if you factor in the ghosts hanging out.

For the most part I’m sticking with Bladedancer for most of my adventures, although I’ve been warming up to a full Ranger build as a long-distance alternative.  Sometimes I just don’t want to be running up to everything to attack, but would like the luxury of pointing at something 50 meters away and making it die.  My blood raptor, Jimmy, is invaluable in this regard.

I did feel vaguely guilty last night when a quest had me putting on a big boot to stealth-kick a fisherman into the mouth of a giant crocodile.  I guess he was an evil fisherman?  I didn’t really catch that, but his anguished screams and the subsequent way that the quest played it for laughs made me feel a little like a monster.  Ha ha, he died horribly from a sucker punch.  Aren’t I the hero.

4 thoughts on “RIFT: Ghosts and goblins

  1. Jake October 30, 2014 / 11:41 am

    I just hit level 40 last night, and I hear you about the broken up story line. I need to stop doing the side quests as I don’t really need them with the patron xp boost, but the completionist in me just. can’t. leave them there.

    But between the side quests and outleveling the zone too quickly I am lost on a lot of story. In general I don’t think the game explains itself well enough early on. I had to read outside sources to more fully understand the basic premises of the story. They throw names and events at you but not enough context. Or if they do, it was something that happened so long ago you’d have no way of remembering after killing 300 rats. That said, I’m still having a blast and enjoying the zones and it’s nothing I haven’t seen in most MMOs.

    Looking forward to SL and then the new xpac as I keep hearing how much better the story is. 10 more levels to go!

  2. pkudude99 October 30, 2014 / 1:14 pm

    I vastly prefer Brevane to Dusken. I leveled my cleric bopping back and forth between the continents, so I ended up hitting 60 on her before getting to the final zone on either continent, but I always dreaded having to head back to Dusken.

    On my warrior and rogue I did the 1st zone on each continent, but then went Brevane-only.

    On my mage, I decided to try Dusken again. It couldn’t have been *that* bad, right? And I managed to slog her to 57 and……. yeah, haven’t really played since, not even after they released the Dendrome zone — sure I dinked around a little in it, but not much. I just do not like Dusken. So much so that it put me off the game.

  3. Rowan October 31, 2014 / 9:49 am

    I’ve taken to reading every quest text, especially the story stuff. (Granted I was always a quest reader) I am a little lost given that the dragons no longer seem to be an immediate threat, which leads to some interesting lore questions regarding the Defiant tutorial. I’ve also avoided the XP boosts for now. I just want to enjoy the leveling, no need to power through it so far. Of course having re-upped and started new characters just a week or two ago, Scooter and I are only in our upper 20s.

  4. kiantremayne October 31, 2014 / 5:57 pm

    I did the fisherman quest last night as well, as I’ve been relaxing in RIFT the last week or so. Yeah, he was an evil fisherman – he had elf ears in his tackle box to use as bait.

    Actually, you aren’t going to have an issue with him using elf ears as bait, are you?

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