Winter is coming

fallfallA lot of people express (loudly) their love for the fall season, and while I used to be a huge “spring” guy, in recent years I’ve come around to join the autumnal camp.  I feel very alive and full of energy during this time, as it’s not just a great season to enjoy, but one that puts me in the mindset that — yes — winter is coming.

The fall has so much going for it.  The school year is still new, October is jam-packed full of events (cider mill trips, haunted houses, drives through parks, bonfires), the smell of the leaves decaying is oddly nostalgic, and summer is still coughing up a couple of unseasonably warm days here and there.  This past week we had a couple of 60-plus days and even one 70-degree day.

But for me, it’s the knowledge that all of this is transitory and will be going away quick that makes it that much more special.  I know that in a couple of short months, I’ll be driving on ice-covered roads, shoveling snow, looking out the window to see darkness at 5:00 p.m., and forgetting what the color green looks like in nature.  So I want to enjoy as much of fall as I can, which is why I’ve been getting outside and rejoicing over every sunny day.  I’m also hustling around doing a lot of winter prep, such as cleaning out the garage, packing all of the stuff from the back yard, and trimming bushes.

I don’t mind winter, actually.  I like being cozy and warm in a house, and being a gamer means that my favorite activity is right there at home.  While there isn’t any huge holiday game release that I’m anticipating, I have a really great crop of MMOs right now that should take me right through the cold months and into 2015.  Plus, starting today we’re in the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years holiday corridor, which at least gets us sprinting through the start of winter.  Although, if I had planned it, Christmas would be at the end of January to spread things out a bit.  January and February are way too dark and lacking in excitement.  The best part about them is that at least we’re past the shortest day of the year and can enjoy progressively longer ones.

The end of 2014 is nigh.  I haven’t lived up to all of my resolutions, but I’ve done quite a few and have time to at least start on the rest.  For tonight, it’s trick or treating with my kids and hoping that it doesn’t snow.  Which it might.


2 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. tsuhelm October 31, 2014 / 9:38 am

    And in the other hemisphere. summer approaches and being a northerner the surreal event of Christmas in the sun again will be suffered, its been a strange year weather wise here, up and down (el Nino they say!) but am looking forward to getting the pool back in use, the kids are bigger now and it should be less nerve-racking watching over them… unfortunately the extra pool and gardening tend to impact on my gaming but am really hoping that the kids will tire themselves out so much that I can finally get a normal evening gaming session going and get more social with my northern gamer friends trapped inside by the weather!

    Happy trick n treating 🙂

  2. Pasduil October 31, 2014 / 11:09 am

    Because of the school and college year, September/October has always felt like the real start of the year. The summer is kind of like the weekend of the year… relax, have fun, do outdoor stuff… then come September / October, settle back down to work, start new projects, take up a new class etc.

    Also right around now Christmas is starting to appear on the horizon, which is always nice.

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