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Poll: What MMO studio do you trust the most?

As a quick and curious follow-up to this morning’s post, here’s a poll asking you to select which one studio do you trust over the rest in terms of integrity, transparency, consistency, quality, and customer service.

18 thoughts on “Poll: What MMO studio do you trust the most?

  1. Of late I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s silly to seperate any company from the pack and put it up on a pedestal. At its heart they are all structured in pretty much the same way with the same goals. The only major difference I see is how many resources they have to throw around and how involved their head guy(s) is/are.

    I can’t say that any studio strikes me as particularly good, or bad. They’re all just kind of lukewarm to me.

  2. For specific definitions of trust, I could make the argument for a number of those. Blizz will act predictably, CCP will keep to its stated goals (though they may change), SOE will try new, and sometimes stupid, things, NCsoft will close any MMO that doesn’t make enough money, and so on. I trust in all of that behavior, as it is predictable, and will act accordingly.

    Turbine is low on the list, not because I mis-trust them, but because they have bet the farm on their new MOBA and will die on that failure. What they say will not come to pass simply because they won’t have the resources to make anything happen soon.

  3. @Jake W.: Putting one on a pedestal sure is not the way to go. But there are some which i just trust more than others. My primary example is Funcom, look at their portfolio. They keep all of their games alive, even old Anarchy Online. Not that it’s a big money maker any more, but they keep it active, although the rework of the engine is coming along very slowly.

    Runner-ups in my book are Carbine and ArenaNet, they also have a track record of caring for their games and keeping them alive for quite some time, while SOE and NCsoft have already shown that they kill still lucrative games (so with a still active playerbase) for whatever reasons. (Which is not understandable to me. As long as a game still makes you money, means you earn more by running it than you spend on maintainance, why kill it? After all, killing it always drives away customers, not only of this game but also of other games connected to your name. )

  4. I actually trust Funcom the most. Even though I’m not currently playing any of their games, and none of their games have ever really “stuck” for me, they have for the most part been very open and transparent with their changes and processes, and have tried to keep games alive even if they’re not making much money.

    Considering that at the launch of Anarchy Online I would have nominated Funcom for most untrustworthy and most unreliable (the AO launch was a mess of epic proportions), they’ve really come a long, long way.

    I’m not sure why so many nominated Blizzard. Blizzard is constantly going back on their word. “We will NEVER do x!” Six months later . . . “We are now implementing x. Suck it, players.”

  5. I’m hardly knowledgeable enough to have a valid opinion, but Funcom and Trion stand out in my mind as the better studios, in terms of treating players well and following through on their promises.

    Have never even tried Archeage though, which I guess might change my opinion from what I hear some people saying.

  6. I agree with everyone above. It’s daft to put any one MMO company on a pedestal. In the end they’re all businesses with agendas and requirements that don’t necessarily match the needs, desires or expectations of their players. That said, some of them make a much better fist of producing and operating MMOs that suit my tastes than others so I voted for the one that does that most consistently, which is SOE.

  7. I don’t see this poll as fostering the pedestal mentality. It specifically asks which one you trust the most (if any :)). While I agree that all of them are businesses with the goal of turning a profit, I also think that this goal can be obtained without being done at the expense of customers or studio employees. All organizations have a specific culture, and some are inherently more “trustworthy” in their ability to communicate with the player base and subsequently follow through on what was communicated.

  8. I chose SOE because they embrace their their MMO-ness, if you get what I am saying. I also give them high marks for implementing the all access subscription.

  9. I went for Funcom despite their many gaffs. as they’re their own boss and don’t have to for isntance outsource their European hosting to a third party becaue that party signed a deal with the studio’s mother company. SOE (in addition to their history with SW:G) Cryptic, Turbine and Bioware for instance are answerable to the companies that own them and have to put in effect their bosses ideas.
    P.s. what MMO did Ubisfot make?

  10. No option for none of the above? They are all such a hodgepodge of opacity, dodgy practice and u-turns that I think trust is rather a strong word. I think hope might be more appropriate.

  11. I would have put Trion on top prior to playing ArcheAge. Now the only way I would cast a vote their way would be if they were collectively poked with a sharp stick for every vote…but hey, I’m not bitter or anything. 😀

    Blizzard is consistent, and although I love Funcom for TSW I worry about the company’s finances and resources. I think they do a good job given the situation that they are in.

  12. This list seems accurate except SquareEnix doesn’t deserve to be above Bioware or Zenimax. If you launch your MMO and it’s so unplayable that you have to abandon it completely, let players play for free, and then shut it down after apologies, only to relaunch it a few years later–don’t understand why more players aren’t holding that against them. I’m still bitter over my $60.

  13. @silverangel That counts as a vote in their favor for me. The launch of FFXIV gave us a truly terrible, unpleasant, unplayable mess. They went away, totally redid the game and then launched something which was very playable, immersive and genuinely fun – there aren’t many game studios that would have done that. So I think they get a few brownie points. 🙂

  14. @Ravven – I’m afraid that punches one of my buttons, because I always feel narked at work to see some guy get rewards and recognition for fixing something that went horribly wrong, when it was his fault the thing was screwed up in the first place. In my view Square Enix rank ahead of games that release as a POS and stay that way, but somewhere behind all the games that have actually been decent out of the gate.

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