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Good Thing, Bad Thing: AO, WoW, WAR

sun1One quick exercise that I engage with my teens is to go around our circle and do “good thing, bad thing” — in other words, to share one good thing that’s happened to them this past week and one bad thing.

As it’s a holiday week and I have some family-related activities to engage in, I’m going to forgo my normal posts and schedule to do an entire week of good thing, bad thing with the 22 MMOs that I’ve played for a decent length of time.  Let’s get cracking!

Anarchy Online

  • Good Thing: I loved the atmosphere and music, especially in the Shadowrealms.  It truly felt like an alien planet that wasn’t just another fantasy clone.
  • Bad Thing: I really had no idea what I was doing most of the time.  It’s not only that it was my first MMO, but it was (and is) a fairly complex one that offers little guidance.  I never did find a guild or community to bond with.

World of Warcraft

  • Good Thing: I adored a guild that I fell in with during the Burning Crusade era, Time Well Wasted.  They made me an officer, encouraged me to start blogging, and did all sorts of crazy stuff with me.  I miss that gang even to today.
  • Bad Thing: The absolutely horrible, abrupt burnout that I encountered about six months after Wrath of the Lich King launched.  The day that I realized I couldn’t log in any more left me feeling lost.

Warhammer Online

  • Good Thing: Being part of the awesome blogging community that arose around this game.  Say what you will about WAR, but it prompted a lot of great bloggers to start writing, many of whom are still around today.
  • Bad Thing: The lackluster support for PvE (especially dungeons and high-level zones) couldn’t bear the weight of our interest after it was apparent that the RvR wasn’t all Mythic made it out to be.

5 thoughts on “Good Thing, Bad Thing: AO, WoW, WAR

  1. Yay WAR 🙂 Your WAR blogging, Syp, was a big reason why I started 🙂 You and The Greenskin.

  2. I love the fact that WAR basically boils down to “Good thing: the time before the game launched. Bad thing: the game.”

  3. Let’s see:

    AO: I played it for almost two years. But indeed the game was made by nerds for nerds. Good use of excel or at least some love for maths was necessary at some point. Also, in comparison to MMOs of today, it’s too inaccessible and built for a much too slow progression. (Try to sell a MMO today where a new player has to expect to reach max level only when playing for well over a year… )

    WoW: Hehe. Been there for only 3 months. I felt like the game at the start already tries to drive a ring through your nose to then pull you through the game with it. Don’t look too much to the left and right and by all means, don’t deviate from the designated path. But alas, the majority of the people loved it, so the “flaw” is in me, the game concept is solid.

    WAR: Indeed if you are purely PvE oriented, WAR was not that convincing. PvE content at the start was limited and terribly bugged. Many of the bugs were fixed in the run of time, but only one dungeon was added over the years. As soon as you look at PvP though, WAR had no real match. (While some claim that DAOC was better, i disagree. ) The real problem of WAR thus was that EA expected subscriber numbers in the league of WoW, while the game aimed at the much smaller PvP customerbase. When the differences between those numbers showed after the first three months the staff of WAR was massively reduced, which prevented the implementation fixes for many problems found after launch.

    It’s launch was not that bad. Every MMO launched with bugs, i’ve seen much worse than WAR. But as developers then were fired there were just not enough people to fix all of the bugs, leading to further problems and more players leaving. I personally think that WARs real issues were in the management. Overblown expectations (on either side, players, bloggers and managers dreaming of the WoW killer which it just was not) and personal cuts at the worst timing possible doomed it.

  4. Man, I’m with Sylow on AO. There was so much to deal with in that game that it wasn’t until many years after I stopped playing that I finally realized HOW to play it XD

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