Good thing, bad thing: Fallen Earth, STO, Neverwinter

And here it is, the last three MMOs that I’ve played for any good length of time!

Fallen Earth

  • Good thing: The world was ridiculously large and full of awesome post-apocalyptic detail and black humor.  Probably my all-time favorite sandbox.
  • Bad thing: The combat and skill use were quite underdone.  I really wish that this game had gone with the standard MMO tab-targeting attack format.

Star Trek Online

  • Good thing: Space combat is visually dynamic and something I don’t get in any other game, nevermind any other MMO.  I loved being able to pilot my own spaceship and customize it to my heart’s content.
  • Bad thing: Too little content.  Once I was done with the featured episodes, there was little else to keep me in the game.


  • Good thing: This hit the sweet spot of “guilty pleasure” in the action MMO department.  It’s mostly mindless questing and fighting, but relaxing as well.
  • Bad thing: The really generic D&D setting started to turn me off after a while (and the voice acting is horrendous).

3 thoughts on “Good thing, bad thing: Fallen Earth, STO, Neverwinter

  1. bhagpuss November 29, 2014 / 10:41 am

    I tend to forget that Fallen Earth isn’t tab target. It always seemed to play as if it was to me. I must play it again one of these days..

  2. Sylow November 29, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    It was pseudo-non-tab-targeted. Unless they made massive changes, it should still be. When attacking the game internally “selected” what was under your crosshairs, then rolled if you hit and how much damage you did, very much like Neocron. Halfway through the beta they did some improvements to “hide” this mechanic, but when using healing mutations on groupmates it always stayed visible. So, the combat system at all times remained a bit clumsy (actually much worse than many other MMOs where people claim that combat is cumbersome),

    For some time i really loved the game, and my mail log at that time showed that. (I after the beta counted my mailbox for how many mails “thanks for your bug report” i had. It were a bit over 700 bug reports i wrote, and interestingly enough most of them were fixed during closed beta. )

    Anyway, my big problem in the longer run was very deep in the core of the game, the crafting system and its very long production times. Things were allright for a two or three hour tour during the week, but if wanted to spend a longer evening on the weekend, the game just told me “no, you now queue ammo to produce and log off”. Pre-producing a lot of ammo also was not feasible as my character was immobile when i did that and started an evening with enough ammo to last for a longer gaming session. This in the long run killed the game for me. If the game sends me away after a few hours, so i should play another game, then within limited time i simply right away start the other game and don’t care for the one sending me away any more.

    On STO, i think you’re actually selling it a bit short. At least you don’t claim that ground combat is terrible. I’ve read that too often, but when i played (after the rework of ground combat, i have to say), it was quite allright. In terms of content, i dare to note:

    – Even the older feature episodes are actually of good quality. Of course, they are not of TSW quality, but they don’t try to fool you with a 1-2-3 wheel, the very few decissions you make actually matter and some of the stories beat what SWtoR and GW2 showed me. That’s quite a feat considering when they were made.

    – The newer feature episodes still don’t compete with TSW, but they make you look at SWtor in pitty. (Even more if you consider the budget of both games. )

    – Last not least, don’t underestimate the foundry. Yes, they don’t give you big “progress”, but hey, you’re capped in STO soon and can reach level cap by doing nothing else but duty missions. And yes, they don’t give you the best-of-the-best gear, but you don’t need that, either. Also yes, there’s plenty of crap in there, but due to their sheer number Hegel is inevitable: there are real gems among them. And with the rating system it’s even possible to find and enjoy the good ones.

    Again, don’t expect TSW quality or anything like that, but you can get many hours of fun out of the foundry while you play in missions and storylines written by other players. So really, two thumbs up from me.

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