Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: Keep the girl

(This is part of my journey playing through Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. You can follow the entire series on the Nostalgia Lane page.)

f1Even through the door, we’re still trapped in this underground labyrinth with only days — perhaps seconds (according to this game’s logic) — before we’ll starve and turn into skeletons.  And the only way out will be through the power of a FISH!  You see, Sophia bought this amber fish-on-a-string a while back, and coincidentallly it turns out to be an orichalcum detector (because why not) that can point us the way to freedom.

Just go with it.

However, it’s not going to work as long as Sophia is wearing her necklace, since that has trace amounts of orichalcum on it.  And because Sophia is some superstitious pain in the butt, she’d rather balk at putting her “god” in a box and die from starvation than help.  Indy has to verbally placate her until she gives in.  This is what we call being part of a “team,” people.

f2The fish gambit pays off: It eventually point to a blank wall, prompting Indy to use his trusty sharp rib bone to scrape away the gunk and reveal a door.  Good ol’ sharp rib!  The unsung hero of this game!

f3One of the reasons why Fate of Atlantis was so successful as an Indiana Jones game is that it delivered a brand-new story with plenty of callbacks to the films.  It’s hard to see a room like this without thinking of the Tanis map room of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I guess people a long time ago were really into building scale models of things.

f4The map room means it’s time for another stone key puzzle — and let me tell you, these puzzles suuuuuck.  The problem is that not only are we encountering these puzzles multiple times during the course of the game, but that it’s barely explained and definitely not intuitive.  Add on the fact that each game randomizes the solution (meaning that there’s no universal solution) and you have a lot of frustrated people.

I had to resort to a walkthrough explanation of how this works to get past this part.  Basically, the Lost Dialogue gives you a hint on how to arrange each stone, although when you get to the next puzzle, you have to do that part PLUS all of the previous parts.  Then, the last puzzle has you reversing all of it.  This is beat-your-head-against-the-wall gaming right here.

f5Naturally, two seconds after I go through the door, Sophia is kidnapped by the Nazis (uh, how did they get in?  I needed all sorts of stone disks and idols just to clear through here, not to mention a fish-on-a-string!).  Kerner shows up to once again wave his pistol around, although if he was going to pull the trigger he would have done so a long time ago.  Indy is not scared.  Indy does start thinking fondly of the pistol he used to have in the movies, however.

Kerner tells me to give the disks for the girl, but given the dialogue option, I tell him that she’s more trouble than she’s worth (true) and he can keep her (please).  Then I goad him into shooting me, just to see if he will.

f6Well, I guess you CAN die in this game!  The game over screen tells me that Kerner does find Atlantis but then he drowns, so… we both die?  I feel a little bad for Kerner, to tell you the truth.  What kind of game over screen tells you that the bad guy dies too?

f7As Indy claws his way out of the room with his sharp rib (yes, AGAIN), Kerner brings Sophia onto his submarine and learns first-hand what a delightful traveling companion she is.  And he hasn’t even gotten the full “let me tell you about the god who lives in my necklace” speech yet!

Before we leave off for the day, can I say how much I love the illustration of the boxing fish on this sub?  It’s so cute!

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