My 10 favorite geeky things of 2014 #1: Kindle Paperwhite

paperwhite1. Kindle Paperwhite

Today I’m going to kick off a 10-part series to help wrap up the year, looking back at my favorite gaming and geeky moments from 2014.  To start off, I’m going to give some love and praise to the Paperwhite.

The Paperwhite was my Christmas present to myself last year and the first proper Kindle that I’ve owned since the Kindle 2.  Buying this almost felt superfluous and even wasteful, since I could access my Kindle library on my iPad and iPhone, but I both of those weren’t ideal (too heavy and too small, respectively) for extended reading.

I’m glad I made the plunge, because the Paperwhite’s been an absolute joy to use.  It’s light and small enough to be easy to bring anywhere, while big enough to throw enough text on screen that I’m not swiping to turn pages every two seconds.  And the backlight makes reading it in any lighting conditions a cinch.

I have to give credit to this device that it helped to bump up my reading habits this year.  I’ve gotten in the habit of soaking up a few pages while games are loading, my computer’s booting up, or during lunch.  I’m not totally sure how many books I’ve read this year (no where near as many as MMOGC, that’s for sure), but I probably got through a couple of dozen novels.

The downside of all of this is that my to read list is phenomenally huge right now.  I have about 30 books on the Kindle that I’ve yet to read, and probably around 275 on my wish list at Amazon.  Even at a few pages here and there, chewing through a 500-page book takes some time.  But at least I can enjoy it on a device that’s designed for reading comfort!

4 thoughts on “My 10 favorite geeky things of 2014 #1: Kindle Paperwhite

  1. bhagpuss December 15, 2014 / 9:58 am

    Mean average for the US is 12 books per year. Median is 5. Either way you’re way ahead of the curve.

    I read obsessively and always have done but I don’t usually keep a count. On the only year I ever kept a reading diary I was surprised to find that I ended up averaging only around a book a week – I forget the exact number but it was in the fifties. I doubt that has changed all that much – the big tranche of time that has gone to MMOs over the last 15 years was taken almost entirely from time I used to spend watching TV, movies and going shopping. My reading time has been largely unaffected.

    I was pondering whether to buy a Paperwhite, mostly for the extended battery life, but I think I’ll stick to using my tablet for screen reading.

  2. repgrind December 15, 2014 / 12:01 pm

    I’d been thinking about getting one of these for awhile now, and your post pushed me over the edge. My this year Christmas present to myself will arrive in two days. 😀

  3. Pasduil December 15, 2014 / 12:32 pm

    Oh yes, been there myself…. see The Age of Backlogs and Why did Kindle boost my reading?

    I have an iPad Mini which is a pretty viable book reading device, unlike a full-size iPad or iPhone which as you say are too heavy and too small respectively. But I still read on my regular (no light) Kindle much more than on the Mini, which is mostly used for when I want to carry on my Kindle reading in bed or other odd low-light situations.

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