My 10 favorite geeky things of 2014 #3: Retro gaming

As part of my hilarious resolutions made back on January 1st, I vowed to try to play through all or part of “at least 12” games from my library (and thus entertaining you and feeling as though I wasn’t wasting my money by purchasing them).

So how did I do?

Thirteen.  I covered 13 games, in part or in whole, which is pretty astounding to me.  Of course, that number would have been less had I gone the whole distance with all of them, but at least I got to dip my toes in a baker’s dozen.

The games I partially completed before giving up in 2014 were: Fallout, Wing Commander, Ultima VII, Sanitarium, and Starflight.

The games I fully played through in 2014 were: Gabriel Knight 2, Space Quests I-IV, System Shock 2, Quest for Glory, and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

And my favorite retro game of the year was: System Shock 2.

That was a tough call — Fate of Atlantis is a close second for nostalgia’s sake, but System Shock 2 was a Mount Everest of gaming to me that I really wanted to summit in my life.  And I did.  Even though it was at times scary and disturbing, it was even more interesting and fun to blog about.

Of course, 13 games is but a small dent in my GOG library.  I didn’t pick up too, too many new titles this year so I think there was a net decrease, but there are plenty to keep me going, blog-wise.

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