My 10 favorite geeky things of 2014 #6: WildStar

jemI can’t look back at my year in MMOs without giving tribute to the gravitational pull of WildStar.  It was such a major event in 2014 for me, with its build-up, launch, and live game.  I developed a huge crush on its art style, world building, and housing system (not to mention its soundtrack) and greatly enjoyed my time gaming on Nexus this year.

WildStar probably gets the award for Syp’s most re-rolled characters in an MMO, because egads did I mark the first few months with restarting over and over and over again.  The grass was always greener on the other side of the class fence or the path fence or even the server fence, and so I pretty much forfeited my chance of hitting level 50 this year by making a small army of middle-level managers.  But hey, that was fun for me and for the experience alone, I don’t regret it.

I won’t lie and say that WildStar is perfect, of course.  It’s a very mixed package full of great highs and pretty sobering lows.  I was hoping that it would have had a stronger launch and even stronger legs, but a combination of Carbine’s misreading of the MMO industry (“HARDCORE 40-MAN RAIDZ!”) and the sub model seemed to push many away that might have otherwise stayed.  So it’s kind of limping out of 2014, still alive, still updating, but finding itself more of a niche title than a mass-appeal one.

I do have to thank WildStar for hooking me up with my incredible multi-game guild, Remnants of Hope.  I’ve been hanging with them in several MMOs for the latter half of 2014 and really enjoyed their warmth and penchant for friendly group activities (and parties, oh the parties).

Here’s to WildStar in 2015, that it may find a better business model, cater more to the crowd that actually wants to play it, and cultivate a come-from-behind success story that it could indeed have.

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