My 10 favorite geeky things of 2014 #7: RIFT’s Nightmare Tide

nightmareThe allure and promise of Nightmare Tide pulled me back into RIFT this fall, and I am quite glad for it.  It’s been a nice long streak thus far, playing a brand-new character from level 1 to (currently) 61 while plowing through the original game, Storm Legion, and now Nightmare Rift.

While I’m not fully through Nightmare Rift yet — it will probably be months yet — I can say that it’s a far more streamlined and compelling narrative than has come before.  I really thought it would be nothing more than swimming, but instead it’s been more about the unwanted lack of water and a desire to see it return to the plane.

What’s been even more interesting are the new bullet point features with NT, including the nightmare rifts (wild group experiences), being able to sidekick up to friends, and best of all, the minion system.  Minions have been overshadowed by both what’s come before (STO’s duty officers and SWTOR’s crew skills) and this year’s WoW garrisons, but I find them an amusing side diversion that nets me some nice rewards (and cash), feeds my collector’s urges, and involves a smidge of strategy.

I’ve also really enjoyed playing a Rogue as a Bladedancer, which was quite unexpected considering how little I usually do melee classes.  But it’s so versatile and self-sufficient that I have a hard time playing any other build right now.

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