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6 nerdiest gifts I got this Christmas

ectoDespite my entire family — myself excluded — being incredibly sick with the flu, we had a great Christmas with each other and relatives.  Nice snow-free traveling weather too.  And because I’m a 38-year-old kid at heart, I got a lot of toys instead of grown-up things like ties and tax forms.  So what are the nerdiest gifts I got this year?

  1. The Complete Far Side — This was one of my all-time favorite comic strips (comic boxes?) and a mainstay of my high school experience.  I have many of the books and calendars, but now I am the possessor of ALL of them in a giant box set of three heavy, heavy volumes.
  2. LEGO Ghostbusters — My wife really made my day with this one.  The ECTO-1 will join the Back to the Future DeLorean and my many Star Wars LEGO sets at work, once I get enough time to assemble it.
  3. The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures — Another weighty tome, this one purports to cover most all graphic adventure games on the PC, a favorite subject of mine.  I think it’ll make good bathroom reading.
  4. Mario Kart Racing Track — This electric car racing track was a gift to both me and my eldest son to enjoy.  My boy has already claimed Mario, so I guess I’ll be Yoshi.
  5. Ukulele — There’s this sort of running gag in my life that I am not musically talented at all but I really would like to learn how to play something decently before I die.  So now that I’ve tried clarinet, piano, harmonica, and guitar, I am moving on to the Ukulele!  I told my wife I’d serenade her every morning with it and I think that might be the end of our marriage.
  6. Lifestraw — I’m kind of fascinated with survival gear, although I definitely don’t have enough of it to really make a difference if something truly bad went down.  Still, I put Lifestraw on my wishlist because it looked pretty awesome — a straw filter that would allow you to drink from nearly any water source and not get sick.  Sounds like a good thing to have in a backpack just in case.  Plus, I get to say the word “Lifestraw!”

3 thoughts on “6 nerdiest gifts I got this Christmas

  1. Lifestraw would make a great fundraising campaign to bring clean drinking resources to parts of the world where potable water is non-existent.

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