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10 little things I love about Marvel Heroes

tippyI need to stop playing Marvel Heroes so much.  It’s just that it’s too easy to think, “Oh, I’ll get a little 15-minute sesh in here,” and then two hours goes by and my other MMOs look at me with accusing glares.  Well, if I’m slightly addicted, I might as well make a quick list about 10 little things I’m digging about the game.

1. Property Damage

In Diablo, you would often break the ever-present crates and barrels, but it wasn’t nearly as insane as the collateral property damage found in Marvel Heroes.  Cars, office cubicles, desks, doomsday machines… it’s like popping bubble wrap to constantly be destroying the surrounding environment.  I think I’m worse at doing this than the villains are.

2. Hero Quips

It’s amazing how much personality you get from these characters by hearing the occasional quip or battle shout (“Squirrel power!” has made it into my daily vocabulary).  But what I love the most is how characters will talk to or about other superheroes in the vicinity if they have relationships or past experiences together in the comics.

3. The J vacuum

Press J to suck up all of the loot around you with a cool vacuum noise.  VRRROOOSH.

4. Learning more about the Marvel universe

Other than comics from the 90s and the Marvel movies, I have been pretty ignorant about what’s going on in these series.  The bios, loading screens, and other informational tidbits in this game have helped to reintroduce me to this comic universe without making me spend hundreds on funny pages.

5. Lootsplosions

No games dole out loot quite like Diablo-type games.  Seeing an explosion of loot — even if I’m going to be selling most of it anyway — is always thrilling.  Especially if there’s a unique or eternity splinter in there!

6. Pets!

Not only does this game have vanity pets, but you can feed unwanted loot to them for persistent character buffs.  Neat-o!

7. I can play with only the mouse

Sometimes I want to lean back from my desk to game, and Marvel Heroes lets me do that since I can function almost entirely with just my mouse (of course, that means I only get two attacks, but I’m fine with that).

8. Clean UI

You know what?  Marvel Heroes has a clean, attractive user interface.  I like it a lot.  It also helps to keep the action screen free from most distractions.  I do wish that I could pull up a larger map for the zone or have a better idea sometimes about where to go for missions, but it’s not that bad.

9. Quick load times

Getting into the game and transferring between zones/instances is really, really quick.  Thank you for that, Gazillion.

10. Tons of freebies

Daily login rewards and other special events — such as the recent 12 days of Marvel Heroes — provide powerful incentives to check in with the game once a day at least to be treated to lots of free stuff.  Free heroes?  Premium currency?  Sure, I won’t complain!

9 thoughts on “10 little things I love about Marvel Heroes

  1. Maybe this is the map you are referring to, but if you press “tab” it brings up a map in the middle of your screen and usually quest objectives are blinking, even if they are in an area you have not discovered. I didn’t know about this at first and it’s been really helpful.

  2. I got back into MH a while back and I still think one of my best game-related purchases of the year was picking up Nightcrawler. Still not max level yet as it’s phased out a little for me, but I know I’ll come back. MH is just too dang fun to stay away from.

  3. Be careful about that vacuum – it only works if you have pets. If you don’t, it autosells the items at 1% of their value.

  4. Pretty much everything you said here. And…fairly kid friendly. My son started playing over the break, and we have both pretty much forgotten anything else we were playing at this point.

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