My gaming plans for 2015

nesMake plans, the saying goes, and God laughs.  It’s with that sort of understanding — plans can and will change all the time — that I write the following list of my gaming goals and possible MMO ventures in 2015.

My Big Gaming Resolution For 2015 Is…

I will try (and be open to) more MMOs.  I know that’s kind of a laughable statement with my reputation, but the truth is that there are a lot of games that I’ve never touched that I should at least sample to get a feel for them and see if they might be an unexpected delight.  Titles like ArcheAge, The Repopulation, Albion Online, Elder Scrolls Online, Shards Online, Asheron’s Call, and even the odd MUD might make it onto my computer at some point.  Maybe I should make a resolution to try a new game at least once a month for the year, totalling 12 titles.  I did like doing my one-month experiment returning back to DDO last year and always meant to do more of that.

The Secret World

My “secret adventures” series is on haitus for now as I want to concentrate on keeping my main character on top of the content.  Perhaps when I finish all of Tokyo and feel a little bored will I return to Savage Coast to finish it up, but for now I’m enjoying seeing brand-new missions and feeling more confident in Kaidan.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I’d love to have my Smuggler to the level cap and through all of the expansions before any new story expansions hit so that I can do them with the crowd.  That’s a tall order, however, as my character has yet to hit level 30 and is strictly free-to-play.  Even if I can’t, I do want to keep trekking with this character and enjoying the stories and choices at my own pace with a murderous Ewok at my side.

Lord of the Rings Online

To tell you the truth, I might not even play this this year.  I kind of fizzled to a dead stop around October 2014 and haven’t felt a huge urge to log back in and play.  But who knows what a few months more of absence might rekindle, and if I do work up the urge to come back I could consider starting with a fresh new character or continuing my Captain’s journey through Gondor.

Marvel Heroes

With it’s ultra-casual, jump-in-anytime nature, I can see Marvel Heroes as being a side pleasure for the year.  It’s insanely replayable considering how often they keep adding new characters, although I’d love to stick with Squirrel Girl until I get her to the top.  Then I want to play Rogue for a while and perhaps sample the rest of my unlocked roster.


I am subbed up through February, and after that it depends on how involved I am with the game and whether or not Carbine makes that expected F2P/B2P switch.  I really like WildStar for a lot of reasons, but it’s not my main and I’m not playing it enough to justify a subscription.  I would love to stick with one character and get her to the cap for the new content, but my character ping-ponging has kept me from doing this.


I have a while yet to get through Nightmare Tide at my pokey puppy casual rate, although the question is what I will be doing after that.  I could just “maintain” by continuing minion missions, running dungeons and rifts, and consuming new content as it comes, I suppose.  I don’t think I want to go through the leveling process again with a new character.


When this game hits a non-wipable open beta state, I’ll patch it up and give it a real try.  Until then, I don’t want to be disappointed with partial features and huge bugs.  Like many, I’m really holding out for EverQuest Next and don’t see much of a personal future in this title.  But assumptions can be proven wrong with actual encounters.

Guild Wars 2

Man, I do not know what is up with me and Guild Wars 2.  I both want to play it and I don’t.  I both really dig it and feel completely aimless in it.  There’s a lot left to be done but I still am not feeling a strong urge to get back into it.  So for now I’m letting this title rest, but I do hope that I find a purpose in 2015 for it because I would like to get jiggy in Tyria once again.  News of an expansion would be a huge incentive, methinks.

4 thoughts on “My gaming plans for 2015

  1. kneeloff December 31, 2014 / 7:24 pm

    No pressure at all but if you get bored come play dcuo with me sometime this year. i love the casualness of the game personally and there’s a lot you can do free. you can also buy dlc to unlock more or just sub for full access to everything, which is my favorite f2p model honestly. I’d log on with ya anytime and can even help ya gear up once we get you to 30 =)

    It’s a blast just for the cast of dcuo characters if you are a comic fan.

  2. Syp January 1, 2015 / 8:39 pm

    Thanks for the invite!

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