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Quote of the Day: Get over it

“Even the disgusting PVE carebear servers [for H1Z1] will be ready day 1. I’m not happy about that but people tell me I need to get over it.”

~ SOE President John Smedley on Twitter

Hey Smed?  Get over it; PvE carebears pay your salary.  Or quit your job at SOE and go work for CCP, as that’s obviously where your heart lies.

(Yeah, he might have been very tongue-in-cheek here — which I am not sure of — but it wasn’t a smart thing to say in any case.)

11 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Get over it

  1. Smed plays EVE Online from time to time. He was in the CFC last I checked. Practically a Goon! Plus he invites Goons to go hang out at SOE HQ. He has probably griefed noobs in the starter zones of every SOE game ever. And there is a persistent rumor that HE was actually Fansy the Famous Bard. Also, NGE! NGE! NGE!

    (that was the sound of your sarcasm detector going off as you read this)

  2. As a longtime SOE carebear I thought it was a very smart thing to say. Hilarious and getting loads of publicity. I can’t imagine anyone with a functioning sense of humor taking it straight for a nanosecond, it’s so *obviously* irony.

  3. Damn, WP ate my link in that last one. Smed also tweeted:

    “so despite my jokes, we really have gone out of our way to make sure PVE players will be happy. Not everyone enjoys KOS”

  4. Glad he followed up with something a little nicer. I also posted about this because I didn’t find any humor in his “jokes.” It made me think twice about trying H1Z1, which was actually on my radar.

  5. >(Yeah, he might have been very tongue-in-cheek here — which I am not sure of — but it wasn’t a smart thing to say in any case.)

    As if smart ever was part of his profile. Tongue-in-cheek or not, the most positive thing about this all is that somebody of his people had enough understanding of PR to tell him to tweet that his statement was meant as a joke. Mind, you, i am not claiming that he did not mean it as a joke, but he has a history of terrible customer handling and seems to be unable to learn from it. Again and again he for me transfers the attitude that customers are scum who should be glad that they are allowed to hand their money to SOE. As long as that does not change, SOE is a company which does not get any money form me, there are enough companies out there who show respect to their customers, after all.

  6. Hello everyone!
    For me, Smed is a caricature of himself. He says what he says for the impact, however, as we see from this latest foot-in-mouth tweet, he doesn’t do himself or SoE any marketing favors.
    Maybe, as Syp says, it’s time for John to bow out and allow some “new blood” to take the reins!

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