Quote of the Day: Donkeys in space

“In short, I am not stranger to attempting to operate without a clue.

But Elite: Dangerous has set the bar for making me feel the ass.  I sit here even now wondering why I bought the game.”

~ Ancient Gaming Noob

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Donkeys in space

  1. Sylow January 29, 2015 / 4:15 am

    I am just reading that posting and am not getting it. He is rambling about the game being bad for he does not bother to set up his controls properly. (A clear example, when he says that his throttle was reversed. He might indeed look into the setup and unckeck the “reverse throttle” button. Or check it in case it’s off, depending on the coordinate system of his controler. )

    It is true that Elite Dangerous requires some effort to get into it. I also know that i at first try in my full optimism (aka “hey, i am a space sim vet, i don’t need those training wheels”) switched off flight assist, rotation assist and the likes and then of course destroyed myself on the inside walls of the space station. But once i enabled them i was able to get out of the space station even with mouse and keyboard on the next try, although i later dug out my old joystick and have to say that for me the game controls much better with that than with mouse and keyboard. (Although some friends of mine swear by mouse and keyboard even in that game. So tastes differ. )

    Thus all in all, i would say:
    – yes indeed, the game wants you to go through your control setup at the start. But as long as you did not switch it off, you have the checklist at launch which makes you press all important buttons, once, along with checking off what they are supposed to do.
    – Indeed, the first hour of the game you’ll be struggling with the controls of your ship, and indeed i even for the first week often felt that i was handling it clumsily. (Mind you, i achieved what i wanted to do, it just “felt” clumsy for me. )

    That being said, none of my friends who tried the game had real issues with controling the ship any more after a short adjustment period. And considering how awesomely the game turns out as spaceship simulator, it’s definitely worth it in my eyes.

    Where the game actually fails is playing with friends. Reasons for that are:
    – Starting positions are random and distances are huge. When my friends first turned up in the game, we had to see who was where and then determined a system which was somehow in the middle of all of us. There we met the next time, for it took some of us some hours to get there.
    – There is no grouping feature. (It is supposed to come soon, but for sure it’s not there yet. ) So if you go bounty hunting together, only the one doing the kill gets credit, the other gets nothing. There are no missions which are designed to be done in group, there is no way to be “connected” in space, so even if you fly together, one in a fighter the other in a freighter, the freighter can be interdicted (taken out of faster than light travel) and attacked by pirates while the fighter remains in the faster traveling mode and thus quickly is thousands of kilometers away.

    So all in all, if you primarily want to play this game with friends, you really have to still give it some time. But for solo playing i find it very enjoyable already right now.

  2. Sylow January 29, 2015 / 4:35 am

    To be fair, i now went through the comments, where he is working on his controls. My initial reaction thus was unfair and i am sorry. I still wonder, though, what was troubling him for the mentioned 7 hours. Several friends of mine, just like me, were able to get into the game and fly around acceptably within the first hour, and i couldn’t credit it to us being young and adjusting quickly any more, as most of us are over 40 by now.

  3. Dobablo February 4, 2015 / 4:19 am

    Elite: Dangerous. It’s not rocket science. On second thoughts…

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