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Month of Trove: This game is trolling me

t1Love this splash screen.

So here we are at the end of my month adventures into the sandvox Trove!  I wanted to finish out by trying out the last (for now) class, the Ice Sage.

t2Where are my legs?  HOW AM I FLOATING?  WHEEEERE ARE MY LEEEEEGS?  I guess I traded them up for wings.

From the initial look of the class, the Sage is primarily a long-distance damage dealer with a cold theme.  Nothing super exciting, but I do prefer ranged classes in Trove over melee, so I’m sure I won’t mind.

t3“Oh hai.  Don’t mind me, I’m just a blogger who’s going to stand in the corner of your house to take screenshots and then not move for five minutes while I add this to my blog.  Nice mount, by the way.”

t4Not too far away, I found “Journey’s End,” a dungeon of sorts.  I heard that Trove lets — or will let — players design dungeons for others, and this definitely had a feel of one of those.  Very big on environmental hazards and platforming, while extremely light on mobs to fight.  Not my cup of tea, especially when I couldn’t find the end or go back to the beginning.  Death port time!

t5Maybe this was my punishment for taking the easy way out, but there was a HUGE mob sitting on top of the graveyard, just waiting to hew any rezzed characters in half.  Seriously, he barely moved from the place and killed me four times when I came back.  I couldn’t beat him, so I had to run like the dickens.  Was Trove deliberately trolling me?

t6You’ve probably noticed that in my Trove adventures hasn’t included an awful lot — or really, any — crafting.  It’s not that it’s inaccessible, but that I couldn’t be bothered with it knowing that I was going to be heading out in a few weeks.  I wanted to see the world, not a recipe screen.  That said, it does look as though there are some pretty nifty things to craft, including many interactive stations.

So I decided to finish up my tour by checking out the featured club worlds of the day.  This one had a gigantic Roman temple.  I can’t imagine the patience it took to make it.

t7This world spawned me inside of an inescapable prison cell.  That was definitely interesting.  Maybe they didn’t appreciate visitors?

t8USE ALL THE COLORS.  Argh.  My retinas.

t9My jaw just dropped at the detail and work that went in to this world — but that was nothing compared to its creativity.  Apparently I stumbled upon a whole new side of Trove that I was ignorant of, the music ride scene.  Trove has these cool vehicles called Mag Riders that can only be used on set tracks, and I guess the tracks can play musical notes when traversed.  So players craft whole songs out of rides and HOW COOL IS THAT.

Also, how sad was I that I didn’t have a Mag Rider?  I was short a number of items to craft it and didn’t know where to go to find them.  That really, truly bummed me out.  I would have loved to have gone on these rides.  Oh well — next time!

One thought on “Month of Trove: This game is trolling me

  1. I did not know about the musical mag riders, I never go into club worlds. I’m going to have to check that out! I have a handlebar moustache shaped mag rail mount from a Movember promotion. Which is appropriate because I also had s handlebar moustache on my face during that month.

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