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Hear me on Beyond Bossfights this week!

bossfightsApparently I need to stop making people cry, so here’s some uplifting news: I was a guest on Braxwolf’s Beyond Bossfights podcast recently, and the episode has just gone live today.  Brax and I had a great conversation about blogging and games journalism, which is slightly ironic considering all of the developments as of late.

I really enjoyed doing the show, especially to connect with Brax as I did not know him that well before.  Super nice guy and very passionate about MMOs.  Give it a listen!

3 thoughts on “Hear me on Beyond Bossfights this week!

  1. Listening to the podcast I got a much better sense of all that writing for Massively meant to you. Thoroughly enjoyed the glimpse into your world, and in a way it turned out to be a fitting tribute to Massively. I hope you and the other folks find a way to keep some part of that work going, as you so clearly loved it.

    Either way, best wishes for the future.

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