TSW: Safe house

bb1In our previous episode of The Secret World’s Issue 10 storyline, I busted right through the belly of a Morninglight clubhouse to uncover all sorts of disturbing facts as well as have a brief encounter with the Rabbit Killer.  Now, I’m hot on his/her tracks, scooting across Tokyo to check out a series of safe houses containing Morninglight execs.

Well, they aren’t that safe, let me tell you.  One has a lady pinned against a door frame, while another almost gets me killed when the Rabbit Killer cuts a shipping container (with Morninglight guy inside) to fall on my head.  Well, let’s see what this third safe house contains — poisonous porcupines and spectral snakes, no doubt!

Well, it’s a shade of a sabotage mission, which means lot of insta-death traps — tripwires, cameras, turrets, and the like.  Also, dead bodies lying amid a field of candles.  But that’s your typical experience in Japan.

My favorite discovery was an entire hallway full of moving laser fences, because of course this is something that I deserve at this point in my secret world career.  Repeat after me: I’m here to heeeeelp!

bb2I head down to the basement to destroy a generator that’s powering one of the laser grids, which is a really dumb move because doing that triggers poison gas.  I then try to rush out of the hall, only to run right into a camera, trigger a turret, get shot, stumble backwards, and step on a mine.  I’m like some freaking cartoon.

I figured that equipping my trusty CDC respirator from Blue Mountain would help me get through the gas — as it has in other parts of the game — but here it’s no dice.  Have to make a fast dash through the hall, hope that you don’t hit mines, and get to the next staircase.

Continuing on with my cartoon theme, opening up a door triggers a shotgun blast to my chest.  Why I don’t retire in the Bahamas instead of putting up with this nonsense, I do not know.  At least the apartment is interesting, what with that filth monstrosity in the corner, a 2013 calendar (so the in-game world is forever stuck in 2013 then?), and a GIANT SHRINE that takes up a good portion of this small pad.

Next up on this fun factory tour, an elevator ride!  First I have an extremely claustrophobic fight with a massive Cordyceps in the elevator, and then the whole shebang crashes down on me.  At least it brings me to another generator to blast and one step closer to — I only assume from the traps — Wiley E. Coyote.

Suffice to say, the mission continues on in this vein for a while.  Trap trap trap, Syp dies, runs all of the way back, questions why devs think that this is fun, trap trap trap.  But it’s all worth it when I come upon a camera feed and discover…


Okay, that was not so exciting as to warrant the use of all caps.  I apologize.

Well, the bunny means that this next Morninglight coward is already dead, which also means that I’ve spent over an hour stealthing my way to a corpse.  I try not to think of how that might reflect on my life.

bb4There’s only one safehouse left, and it’s here that the mission kicks into full story mode with a cutscene (and thankfully no puzzles).  A pock-scarred woman goes on a depressed monologue about how she used to handle the kids, looking for a potential in the Morninglight, and eventually finding John.  John, she informs me, is waiting between the silences.  He’s also bringing a super-awesome day and a message, which I can only assume involves balloons, cake, streamers, and the apocalypse.

bb5The woman hands me a card for a reservation for the Dream Palace, saying that this is where it all began.  The card has a shockingly familiar name on it — Che.  As in, that Morninglight dork from Kingsmouth Che.

I head out of the apartment right as the Rabbit Killer drops in.  I like how there’s a nice moment between the Killer and my character — we nod at each other in understanding and go our own ways: Me to the palace, and the Killer to shoot the lady.


3 thoughts on “TSW: Safe house

  1. Dolnor February 5, 2015 / 2:40 am

    Quit your whining!

    At least it didn’t include CHOMPERS!


  2. Zombiepirate February 5, 2015 / 4:11 am

    I want to like that video so very much!

  3. Sylow February 5, 2015 / 4:35 am

    Hehe, yea. I for myself didn’t find the mission that bad, it only got me a few times, once i had the pattern of the traps, only the combination of gas and mines was kind of annoying, as the mines were kind of hard to see in the gas. For my girl, on the other hand, that corridor was utter hell. Her laptop was able to handle all of TSW up to this point acceptably well. She ever was able to handle flappy fights when they happened, at low framerate but still playable. That gas effect, on the other hall, absolutely killed her framerate and as a slow approach also was not possible (as mentioned, the respirater and environmental suit from solomon island don’t work there) this mission was extremely frustrating for her. (She “cleared” the corridor by detonating one mine after another. )

    Next to that, the scene in the last safehouse irritated me when it happened. I kind of for a moment was like “he really just lets the killer go ahead”? But in the scope of things, everything going to hell and that lady really being far from innocent (the conversation with my character was a last call for redemption, and even then she still was “loyal” to the filth), it really makes sense that my character does not protect her. Both the killer and him just “do their job” in an environment gone to hell, and if fighting for the weak and innocent is on the agenda, there’s definitely other people around to fight for.

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