9 original MMO login screens

Prepare for… the feels.

log11. Ultima Online, 1997

log22. AOL Neverwinter Nights, 1991

log33. The Shadow of Yserbius, 1993

log44. EverQuest, 2000

log55. Star Wars Galaxies, 2003

log66. The Matrix Online, 2005

log77. World of Warcraft, 2004

log88. City of Heroes, 2004

log99. Asheron’s Call, 1999

11 thoughts on “9 original MMO login screens

  1. Being more evil focused when it launched I opted to launch the game with the City Of Villains logon screen, each had their own music both were awesome.
    Miss that game.

  2. I remember that original World of Warcraft screen. It’s been a long time since i’ve seen it and i wounder what people would say about it if it was changed back to exactly how it was without any updates.

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