6 wonderful things about the Operative that I’m getting to know again

op1Now that I’ve been back on my Operative in Star Wars: The Old Republic for almost a week, I feel like she’s gone from being this foreign entity to a familiar-yet-newly-wonderful character. It’s helped that I’ve had some assistance from guildies to run a few flashpoints and gear up a bit (in addition to new gear purchased with commodations). So here are six quick things that I’m (once again) appreciating about this class.

1. I love using the blaster rifle in this game, especially because only the Operative and the Commando (I think) pretty much use these. And taking down Jedi with such a weapon feels great. Where’s your fancy lightsabers and force bullying now?

2. I’ve always been a fan of flinging DoTs as a primary means of DPS, as there’s something deeply satisfying about watching your enemy’s health tick down even when you’re not doing something right then. My lethality build revolves on a few of these, and I’ve gotten into the groove such that an elite is no trouble at all.

3. I was initially bummed that I couldn’t switch over to being a sniper, but now? I’m happy that I have the options that the Operative does in the healing department. Being able to sub in as a healer in a group or (especially) heal myself in tricky spots is terrific.

op24. Speaking of heals, some of the only discipline perks that got me interested were those that coupled self-heals with my shield and stim pack. It’s nothing major, but every little bit helps, and I’ve had fights where those extra heals kept me from keeling over.

5. Stealth! Oh, stealth, how I usually ignore you in MMOs but realy like you on the Operative. Not only is it so much fun to stealth-backstab a target or to prowl through a mob-packed area without having to fight everything along the way, but I love being able to instantly drop into stealth during combat and shed all aggro. It’s a great “oh crap!” escape button when things start to go wrong.

6. Finally, I missed the Operative’s/Imperial Agent’s attitude. She feels removed from all of the other classes, even on her own side, because she’s part of a different world. Doing ops and covert missions — even if it’s just part of the mission dialogue flavor — is a refreshingly different side of the Star Wars world. Not everything has to be Sith and Jedi and Wookiee co-pilots.

2 thoughts on “6 wonderful things about the Operative that I’m getting to know again

  1. Great to read you’re enjoying the operative again! I totally agree about the class story: it’s the best I’ve seen so far and your choices really affect what’s going to happen later on. Another thing that I really love about the class are the knife sounds: they’re so fast, I’m always shivering when I hear them (especially when I’m PvP’ing and I see someone getting attacked by one).

    I see you’re using HK – I hope you’re enjoying his one-shot kill skill (when he’s on 5 stacks). It works like a charm, even on strong enemies. 🙂

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