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Remember… Spock

spockIt shouldn’t be a shock that Leonard Nimoy passed away today, yet it is. The original Star Trek cast has been pushing the upper limits of senior citizenhood over the past decade, with a few quietly slipping into the great beyond. And so it is that Nimoy joins DeForest Kelly and James Doohan in death while we remember.

I think that Nimoy was a hard-working actor and a gracious person who gave up fighting his Star Trek typecasting and instead played along with it to the delight of millions of fans. He was in more movies than any of the rest of them (including both reboots), directed a couple of them, had a cool bit in ST:TNG, contributed to Star Trek Online, and poked fun at himself on Futurama.

For me, Nimoy was Spock, and Spock meant a lot to my childhood. Well, Star Trek meant a lot, especially the old series, and I idolized Mr. Spock’s capabilities and mental prowess. I think I wished I was as in control of myself and my life as he was, and I remember getting through a shot at the doctors thinking, “Spock would take this without flinching.”

I loved how Nimoy gave Spock this dry, deadpan sense of humor that played off Bones so well. I liked how he was the logical half of Kirk’s friendship triad, thinking through issues and solving them methodically while Kirk would tackle them out of instinct. His sacrifice to save the Enterprise in Star Trek II never fails to make me tear up a bit, because he didn’t even pause when he saw what needed doing.

We’re sad because there goes a part of our past and our pop culture, but as with many of the great actors who have come and gone, we are left re-appreciating what Nimoy had accomplished in his life.

5 thoughts on “Remember… Spock

  1. One of my earliest memories was of watching Star Trek on my parents’ old black and white television in the basement.

    Damn, I’ll miss him.

  2. Spock’s death in Star Trek II profoundly moved me as a teen. It is a superbly written and directed scene, with a great performance by Nimoy. But because it’s from a genre movie it’s never given the praise it deserves.

    The movie taught me a lesson about mortality. Something we tend to ignore when young. I also think that Spock is one of the greatest fictional characters of the twentieth century. He was wise and compassionate.

    Leonard Nimoy was a good human being, who through the persona of Spock, had a positive impact upon a generation. He’ll be missed.

  3. I read somewhere the last tweet from Leonard Nimoy, I find it really profound and already miss Mr Spock even more: ‘A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.’
    RIP Leonard 😦

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