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TSW: Sightseeing through Savage Coast

lo1Last night I was part of a Secret World livestream with Massively OP’s MJ, and instead of running quests we decided to take viewers on a tour of some of the weird spots of Savage Coast. So while we were doing that, I was screenshotting all sorts of little details and interesting pictures which I want to share with you today!

Here I am with my new Valentine’s Day cosmetics. Aren’t those sunglasses awesome?

lo2You can run up the rollercoaster in the amusement park and get some pretty great vista screenshots.

lo3The ferris wheel plus the weird grainy filter in the park makes for cool shots. Very nightmare-like.

lo4This mob wasn’t aggroing us, so we got a rare close-up look at a mob. We spent time marveling over the detail that went into him, including the see-through abdomen with the spine intact.

lo5The lighting at different times of day make for stark and interesting shadows.

lo6I really loved how this picture turned out, with the warning sign in the foreground.

lo7We spent a lot of time running around the Academy looking for weird details, and MJ got very into trying to read and translate the graffiti that’s around. There’s actually a lot of it, and all of it is different from each other.

lo8Nothing super-special about this one, other than I really liked the lighting and the setup.

lo9One of the classrooms has a slideshow of the Egyptian zone’s oasis. Also, there’s cool lighting going on — if anything is between the projector and the screen (such as that loot icon) it will throw a shadow up.

lo10Weird notes on the evacuation plan in the academy. In case of fire (1) run out (2) with your hands up high. Um, why?

lo11All of the classrooms have interesting topics, such as parapsychology and arcane geometry and summoning theory.

lo12I haven’t been up in the Academy attic since that one quest a long, long time ago. It’s still delightfully eerie.

lo13This is just proof that I finally made the jump up to the very top of the League of Monster Slayers’ treehouse to see the bike gun. I’m guessing it shoots cans of cola?

5 thoughts on “TSW: Sightseeing through Savage Coast

  1. I got like 3000 screenshots of The Secret World when I was testing it. Haven’t been back there in ages. I’ll have to check it all out again…and relearn how to play it! -)


  2. Hehe, yea. I am not much there, either. (I spend way more time on the roof of the Sheriffs station in Kingsmouth. 😀 )

  3. People rarely take the time to see the details built into the world’s we play in – mostly because the backdrop is just a backdrop. Someone made those and thought to make them creative. I always try to appreciate the small things in these games. Thankfully we have you to keep highlighting them for us =P

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